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About Us

Our purpose


Entrepreneurial Scotland will lead the drive to make Scotland a more entrepreneurial and confident society for the benefit of all

We will do this by helping small companies get bigger, helping big companies to grow, helping huge companies to improve and for all to put something back by helping other entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

We are now an organisation with some 400 members, representing over £17 billion of turnover and some 150,000 employees. Clearly we have a voice and our influence on government and economic development continues to grow.

Our key messages are: 

Part of our commitment to our members is continually to enhance the service and support we offer. We believe that this website will go a long way to delivering even more tangible benefits to members - helping them to grow their businesses stronger and smarter.

And we continue our mission to raise the profile of entrepreneurship in Scotland - increasing public awareness of the importance and value of entrepreneurs to the Scottish economy.

The Story So Far

How We Started

Entrepreneurial Scotland has a membership base of some 400 entrepreneurs from a variety of business backgrounds, including most of Scotland's recent successful wealth creators.

Entrepreneurial Scotland is funded by members' subscriptions and exists to provide regular events where members can meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. The value of this advice is demonstrably high and the opportunity to gain access to truly successful entrepreneurs is unequalled. The underlying philosophy of Entrepreneurial Scotland is that entrepreneurs learn most from fellow entrepreneurs - those who have been there and done it. At our events members hear the reality of running a high-growth business directly from fellow entrepreneurs. We're proud to say that The Fraser of Allander Review highlighted Entrepreneurial Scotland amongst the favourable outcomes of the Business Birth Rate Strategy.

Where We Are Going

When we first started, our aim was to create an organisation that met the needs of Scotland's entrepreneurs and matched the spirit of their endeavours. We are still committed to that goal and in an ever-changing business landscape we remain dedicated to ensuring that Entrepreneurial Scotland is an effective and responsive organisation.

Our vision is to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.  Connected entrepreneurial leaders with a global mindset and high aspirations are the key.  They will create and unlock excpetional value.

Members and Their Needs

Membership of Entrepreneurial Scotland is open to entrepreneurs who are committed to growing a significant business and creating wealth and employment within Scotland.

We aim to be inclusive but from time to time we may limit the number of members in any particular category so that the essential balance of membership is maintained.

To meet our members' needs we provide opportunities for them to meet at a range of events and share their experiences using a variety of online platforms. We also aim to respond to the varying needs of members at different stages of growth or with specific industry or sectoral issues..

Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC483869.
Registered office: 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL. Developed by Mercurytide