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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Eight Weeks To Turn Bright Ideas Into Winning Business

NOW is time for the real work to begin. Last week, 50 Scottish university students completed a week-long entrepreneurial "boot camp", where they were fed on a strict diet of brainstorming and tests of their motivational skills and business planning. By the end of the week, 12 teams had developed business ideas that they pitched to a Dragons' Den-style panel made up of members of the Entreprenurial Exchange.

At the end of the programme James Barlow, chief executive of Scottish Institute for Enterprise, said: "The feedback we've had from members of the exchange has been very positive and the students have been raving. It has been great."The 12 teams will spend the next eight weeks developing their business plans. On 8 September the teams will reconvene. Barlow expects at least two or three sound business ideas that the students will take forward. "They will either pull their ideas together and move forwards quickly or they will realise it is perhaps not the right idea and then have eight weeks to come up with a new one," Barlow said. "Part of the challenge over the next eight weeks is to bring in other people who can help make their venture a reality."

One team has put their money on launching a bra-fitting service. Stephanie Taylor, Holly McKay and Joanne Ballantyne are working on developing a brand and logo as well as working out the practicalities of arranging groups of women at homes or o