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New Entity, Entrepreneurial Scotland Formed To Accelerate And Catalyse Economic Growth

Two of Scotland's driving forces in talent creation and entrepreneurship, the Saltire Foundation ("Saltire") and the Entrepreneurial Exchange ("Entex") are coming together to form Entrepreneurial Scotland ("ES").

Representing businesses with over £ 17 billion of turnover and 150 000 employees the new entity will help ‘join the dots up' on the entrepreneurial landscape in Scotland and attempt to catalyse a new era of entrepreneurial and economic growth there.

The creation of the powerful new organisation not only builds on the respective strengths of the two founding partners, but well beyond them, Chris van der Kuyl, chair of Entex commented;

"By combining our strengths we build strategic linkage between the talent Saltire enables and the expertise our businesses need. Not only that, by building on Saltire's global connectivity we will extend out the great work of GlobalScot in delivering strategic linkages for Scottish business."

Peter Lederer, chair of Saltire added;

"As a small nation Scotland needs to drive maximum efficiency from its resources to maximize economic return. Creating Entrepreneurial Scotland does just that. Equally to be clear this new entity will seek to enable further partnership across the entrepreneurial sector to deliver on that principle."

Whilst continuing to strengthen the existing deliverables of the Founding Partners, The Saltire Foundation and The Entrepreneurial Exchange, ES will, step by step, create a new inclusive movement that develops significantly more entrepreneurial leaders with greater confidence and success rates in Scotland with global knowledge and reach to facilitate that development.

Importantly van der Kuyl, who is Chair designate of ES, added "we need to break down the mythical notion that entrepreneurship is only about building business; intrapreneurship in government, education and social enterprise is fundamental to Scotland's future growth and prosperity and we aim to engage actively on that agenda."

ES will be a non-profit, non-partisan organisation with a charitable subsidiary - the Saltire Foundation - and be governed by an exceptional Board, chaired by Chris van der Kuyl, including international, UK and Scottish representatives.

Sandy Kennedy, current CEO of Saltire steps up to CEO designate for ES whilst John Anderson, current CEO of Entex becomes chair of their Awards programme and Special Advisor to the Board of ES. Anderson also joins the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde in a senior role.

Structurally all current Entex members will become Fellows of ES whilst the Saltire Foundation will retain its charitable status as a subsidiary of ES, explaining the rationale Kennedy added;

"This gives ES Fellows direct access to the talent Saltire nurtures and vice versa and clearly a route to ongoing funding and development of Saltire programmes for the whole ES network - its as close as you can get to a virtuous circle."

The new entity will be formally launched at the end of June following close consultation with all participants in the two existing organisations.

Giving an indication of their direction of travel Kennedy added that ES had already agreed to be a member of an advisory Board to the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde alongside The Hunter Foundation, Business Gateway and Entrepreneurial Spark to help in ‘driving research that informs policy to support a more entrepreneurial Scotland'.

Supporting the creation of ES, Sir Tom Hunter stated;

"This move will enable an accelerated drive to build Scotland's entrepreneurial community in a strategic, well thought out move that is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs an ethos that serves Scotland well."

John Swinney, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth in the Scottish Government added;

"Through Scotland CAN DO, we are committed to working with our partners, across all sectors, towards becoming a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation. The creation of Entrepreneurial Scotland can only help us all to accelerate towards that goal, and for that reason I want to congratulate the people behind the creation of the new organisation for the vision and ambition they have shown."

Secretary of State for Scotland Alistair Carmichael said:

"I'm delighted to welcome the formation of Entrepreneurial Scotland. Scotland has a proud history of entrepreneurship and I am confident this new organisation will be able to draw on the world class expertise and knowledge embodied in its founding partners and has the potential to help us make a real step change in entrepreneurship in Scotland. I look forward to working closely with Entrepreneurial Scotland and other partners in the future."

For further information please call Sandy Kennedy on 07837 758332 or visit www.entrepreneurialscotland.com

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