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Alan McCafferty obtained a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 1988 and went on to work with British Petroleum in their North Sea and Petrochemical operations. He achieved chartered status in 1993 and went on to form his own engineering consultancy company.  In 1997 he identified an opportunity and formed an Indian food development and sales company, India UK Ltd.  Within 18 months, this company was supplying Indian snacks to all Asda stores, UK wide.  Having accepted an attractive offer for his company in January 2001 he moved on to concentrate on other projects.

After India UK came ADDER International Ltd, a digital CCTV systems builder with a strong emphasis on the export market.  When it became apparent that this business was not going to fulfil its potential he decided to look at other opportunities.

After providing ‘troubleshooting’ assistance to a number companies, reviewing a large number of business plans and having a couple of unsuccessful business acquisitions he secured the acquisition of McCowan’s Ltd, the confectionery manufacturer (May 2003). 

Alan also has a property and lease management business, Balmore Estates.  This is a growing operation where he plans to steadily increase his portfolio over the next 5 to 10 years. 

He is a business advisor to ID Inquiries, a private investigating, surveillance and employee vetting company.

Alan has been described as a serial entrepreneur.  He is a strong people person and is keen on the ‘it’s got to be fun’ principle.  He is ambitious, competitive and has great enthusiasm for business.  He enjoys the management and team building aspects of business and finds the psychology of business fascinating.

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