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 Jackie Stewart


Sir Jackie Stewart is a remarkable individual. He is one of the few men who have had the experience to speak with authority on all aspects of modern Formula One.

A three-times champion on the track; one of the original campaigners for safety; a fastidious perfectionist who also loved life and lived with a warmth and generosity - as well as single-minded determination - that is rare today: he is a man who has been as successful in business as in sport. Not only did he race superbly, but he later built his own team and took it to the top of the podium before selling it - to Ford - in one of the great deals in the modern era of Formula One. In short, he is unique.

Stewart's is a face known everywhere in the motor racing world. He has been a television commentator with a high profile on both sides of the Atlantic and down under. His life has been one long race to succeed, a contest he has indulged with himself against his own fears of lack of achievement.

In the panoply of great drivers, Stewart will always stand comparison with anyone and everyone. On the track, his bravery and skill were supreme. Self-motivated and self-taught in many things, he has carried such qualities through everything he has done and at the same time emerged as a talisman in Britain, as a representative of all things good, as a talented man who exploited all he had for the good of himself, his family and his country. Few others can enjoy that description.

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