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Annual Conference 2013

The best way to predict the future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln

Entrepreneurial Scotland Annual Conference

The Gleneagles Hotel Perthshire
Thursday 18th April 2013

This is a call to entrepreneurs of every hue - enlist and join your peers on a day unlike any other - Entrepreneurial Scotland Annual Conference.

It is a day that will reignite your passion for business; a day to reaffirm your belief in your entrepreneurial capabilities; a day when we all come together to learn from business visionaries who lead the battle to build companies of scale.

Like Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address, we'll examine the founding principles of Entrepreneurial Scotland, memorialise the sacrifices made by successful business builders and extol the virtues of hard work and ambition in our own Gleneagles Address "for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs".

Join us on Thursday 18 April 2013 at Gleneagles and be inspired by a selection of business generals including Mike Clare, founder of Dreams, Hermann Twickler, PressureFab; Tom Cross, Parkmead Group and Kevin Dorren of Diet Chef.

Leading us through the day will be the spirit of the 16th President - Abraham Lincoln.

So enlist now and join us by completing the booking form.

Entrepreneurs we salute you!


Delegate packages

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important that any other

Abraham Lincoln

How to book

The following delegate packages are available. Please e-mail your conference requirements to kylie.forrest@klevents.co.uk.

Package one - Conference only

Please note there is limited availability on this package. Attending all conference sessions, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. This package does not include dinner or accommodation.

Package two

Attending all conference sessions, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Pre-dinner drinks, reception, dinner and wine with dinner. Overnight single accommodation for Thursday night including full Scottish breakfast. Please note that dress code for the dinner will be black tie.

Bring a partner

The delegate packages listed are priced on individual basis. Should you wish your partner to accompany you to the conference the following packages are available:

Package A - Conference, Dinner and Accommodation

My partner will attend all of the conference sessions, the lunch, pre-dinner drinks reception and the conference dinner. Overnight accommodation and full Scottish breakfast.

Package B - Accommodation supplement

My partner will accompany me, but will not attend the conference, lunch or dinner.

Pre Event Accommodation - accommodation is available for the evening of Wednesday 17th April 2013, as a member and delegate of the conference we can guarantee you the lowest available rate for your room.

Please note that all conference places must be paid in advance of the event. Members will receive priority on all bookings and will be taken on a first come first served basis. Entrepreneurial Scotland reserves the right not to process bookings. Cancellation charges may apply.




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