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In the spirit of bringing entrepreneurs together, the Exchange runs an essential programme of events where members share their knowledge and experience on a wealth of business related topics. The programme runs from September to June.  Click on the links below to access details of coming events in each category.

We include basic information about the events that we have already held in the Past Events section. 

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Regular Monthly Events

Evening Exchanges
Evening Exchanges start at 5.45pm and conclude with a buffet at 7.45pm and ample time for networking. They are open to members and non-members. (Free to members. £45 plus VAT for non-members.)

Focus Dinners
Focus dinners are highly select events, open to a maximum of 12 guests. Running from 7.00pm to 10.00pm, they provide the opportunity to discuss a strategic topic in great depth with entrepreneurs who have direct experience in that field. Open to members only. (£95 plus VAT)

To meet demand Focus Dinners are often repeated.

Supper Clubs
Supper Clubs are focused and informative events for a maximum of 12 guests, aimed at companies at an early stage of development. They run from 7.00pm to 10.00pm and are open to members only. (£40 plus VAT)

To meet demand Supper Clubs are often repeated.

Headline Events

In addition to the regular events listed above, The Exchange organises a series of one-off events during the year, including:

Past Events

We also have information here about past events, including speakers' notes, downloads of presentations where available and feedback from people who attended.