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The Entrepreneurial Exchange Annual Conference 2004 drew on the lessons of the greatest gladiator of them all, Maximus Decimus Meridius to help us understand the qualities required to win the daily battles for customers, cash and talent.  The raw courage, determination and honour displayed by Maximus to triumph over adversity are traits all entrepreneurs must demonstrate on their road to success.

Each of the speakers highlighted which of these particular qualities they have displayed during their business journey to date, recounting past battles fought, won and lost.

We learned of:

- the courage required in taking the risk and entering the combat zone of the enterprise arena

- the strength needed to face the arduous rigours of business when the going gets tough

- the stamina and moral fibre to continually pick oneself up during the passion of the business battles, when at first you don’t succeed

- the cunning and stealth deployed to live on wits, tough it out and develop survival strategies in order to take on all challengers and the humility to emerge victorious and share the success

The Conference starred:

Professor Sir Chris Evans
Founder, Merlin Bioscience

Pearse Flynn
Chairman, The Callpoint Partnership

Lara Morgan
Founder, Pacific Direct

Simon Woodroffe
Founder, Yo Sushi

And introduced
Rob Heyland as “the ringmaster”