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This guest search allows you to find out who is involved with The Exchange.
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Mrs Lynne Hunter IT Skills For All
Sir Tom Hunter West Coast Capital
Mr Alastair Irvine Irvine Group
Mr Douglas Irvine Irvine Group
Mr Michael Jackson
Mr Roddy James iicorr Ltd
Mr Brian Johnston Bank of Scotland
Mr David Jones Real Time Worlds
Mr Jonathan Jones Youth Media (UK)
Ms Rachel Jones Totseat Ltd
Mr David Kaye Clairmont Properties
Mr Bruce Keith 3i Plc
Mr Brian Kemp United Freight Distribution
Mr John Kennedy Kenmore Property
Mr Ian Kerr ID Inquiries (Partnership)
Mr Robert Kilgour Dow Investments Ltd
Mr Ronnie Klos FFDR
Mr Luigi Koechlin Global Voices
Dr Biju Krishnan Scottish Dental Implant Centre
Mr Vijay Kumar Harveys Laundry

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