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Accelerate Your Sales

16 June 2016
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Do you want to re-energise your sales? Has your customer acquisition stalled? Can’t find the right sales people? We will be solving your sales challenges in a hands on session with two of the country’s sales growth experts.
To make this event easy to fit in with your schedule, the session will be over breakfast, running from 8.30am – 10.00am. Chaired by John Anderson (Growth Specialist and Non-Executive Director), the event will be shaped around your needs and you will leave feeling more confident and in control of your sales strategy. 
Iain Swanston, Director - Klozers   
Ranked 4th globally on Twitter for Sales Performance in August to November 2014 by Leaderboarded, Iain is at the cutting edge of thought Leadership in the sales community. With a track record for helping businesses accelerate their sales growth and has a track record of delivering significant, sustained improvement in his clients’ professional sales capabilities.  
Iain delivers value and positively impacts all the individuals and organisations he has worked with. His 30-year track record gives him a broad expertise in sales enabling him to equip sales people and businesses with everything they need to deliver higher, sustainable revenues.
In addition to coaching, Iain is an expert facilitator and popular Conference Speaker who spoke at TedxEdinburgh in 2014 which left the audience inspired and motivated to take action.
Stephen Beer, Managing Director - Bridgeall
With a career in IT now spanning 30 years, Stephen has PhD in Software Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, has worked for Oracle, been an independent consultant and MD of several firms.
Either through nature or necessity he has a developed entrepreneurial outlook and has a keen interest in developing new business models. Having endured the painful experience of building a company up and seeing it through to liquidation but, with hindsight, major lessons were learned.
Stephen has an incessant curiosity for smart ideas, methods and software tools. Being Glasgow born and bred he is driven to build successful technology teams here drawn from our talented people.

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29 Private Members Club, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615

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John Anderson, Growth Strategist and Non-Executive Director


  • Iain Swanston, Co-Director Klozers
  • Stephen Beer, Managing Director, Bridgeall
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