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Business angels can bring more than money to promising companies.  This Evening Exchange looked at whether it would be right for your business, what to look for in an angel, and how to get most value from one. 


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"Good to hear an insight from a business getting angel funding and one being the angel funder"

"A business plan should describe what a product or service does and not what it is.  Often too much technical detail is presented on a product without actually explaining its purpose"

"Tips - too many to mention but I intend following up with John Waddell"

"Evaluate a business plan based on the market position of the proposed product or service.  Who will buy it, who are the influencers, how will it be supplied and what margin will be taken through the sales channel.  Often this detail is missing"

"Good networking around the event"

"Very knowledgeable speakers"

"Certainly good to know that there are plenty business angels out there if I am needing in cash!"

"Various goal setting, time management issues. VC knowledge expanded"

"Good personal insights from Rod Lawson on building businesses, along with detail from John Waddell on what angel groups look for in investment opportunities"

"Excellent as always, the networking is fantastic"

Venue information

The Riverhouse The Castle Business Park,

01786 465577


Ewan Campbell


  • Roderick G Lawson,
  • John Waddell

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