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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Go For Growth

Evening Exchange

This session provided an opportunity to hear some insights from business people who have experienced rapid growth. Entrepreneurs who wanted to accelerate their growth gained from the experience of these two entrepreneurs willing to speak openly and honestly about their experiences.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"This was my first time - and was very much interested what other members thought of the "Exchange".  I can report back that it was all extremely positive!" 

"The event was well organised and well attended.  The two speakers were very interesting, providing two very different styles of business leadership and business growth.  One looking to purchase businesses and grow through their intellectual capital and the other relying heavily on funding to collect and collate data to create a scaleable online offering"

"We all need a constant and timely reminder that we are not only working in our business but also working "on it". As part of that it is our "vision" that should drive the business and we should avoid getting too bogged down in the pure detail on the understanding that as plans progress they are also likely to change...constantly"

"I got tips on my growth, confirmation of my own thoughts"

"This event was motivational and great networking"

"The speakers were great and the networking opportunities were impressive.  It was packed with people who were willing to help each other"

"It was interesting to look at different business models who are both striving for growth and the methods they use and the challenges they have had.  It was also good to meet up with like minded individuals both before and after the formal presentation"

"Value your customers, don't take your eye off the ball, be prepared and go for it"

"Good to talk to a variety of people from different industries"

"Got me thinking more about my growth and how to achieve this - through partnering/franchising/acquiring"

"Preparation is King!  Keep at it"

"Stay close to customers - something I failed to do over the past few years!"

"It further strengthened my belief in growing our business through collaborative/partnering relationships and acquisitions"

Venue information

Dakota Hotel Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281


Margaret Lang


  • Ronnie Park,
  • Stephen Park Brown

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