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How To Build Brands

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The power of the brand is undeniable and can have a major impact on sales.  However, it is more than logos and packaging and should reflect the values at the heart of your company.

Venue information

Dakota Hotel Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281


Iain Kerr, ID Inquiries


  • Alistair Campbell, WebEnergy, www.web-energy.co.uk
  • Scott Simpson, Voltage, www.voltagecreative.co.uk

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"I got some good tips on marketing on the web".

"Lots of good information from the speakers especially regarding brand developemnt".

"Refreshed things I had forgotten"

"It reinforced some of the things that we do already and gave me one or two ideas to work on further".

"Scott went through some stuff I already believe in, so it was good to hear that from an expert. Alistair's was more practical and gave me some good ideas for web content".

"Good overview of brand building and brand awareness".

"Re-enforced my understanding of brand building importance and gave me food for thought on the use of the internet to better spread the word and reach possibly previously unreachable customers".

"Interesting topic useful to all and any businesses".

"Developed my knowledge of the chosen subject and found ways to implement suggestions into my business".

"Key tip - differenciate".

"Key is differentiation. It is not what you do but how you do it".

"Key tip - market your brand internally!"

"Key tip - the importance of brand protection, both IP and reputation".

"My key tip - explore the use of discussion forums as a positive marketing tool".

"Its the customer who tells you and others how good your service is i.e. the customer builds the brand or destroys the brand".

"Tips - the 4 Golden Nuggets from Voltage regading internal/external branding".

"Run your business by your core values and you will remain true to yourself and your clients will trust you".

"Ian's involvement was excellent as always".

"Ian was an excellent chair for the night".

"Ian was a very good chairman"

"Ian did extremely well".

"Ian was a great chairman".

"Ian did well to close the presentations, and made sure they or the question time did not run over".

"Alastair knew his subject, was approchable, gave some good examples of specifics".

"Alastair was very informative and gave a witty presentation".

"Alistair gave a good presentation".

"Scott was an excellent speaker, good information and delivery".

"Scott was very good. I liked the examples he gave on big companies and small".

"Scott's differentiation tactics are thought provoking".

"Very thought provoking and delivered an excellent speach in a short time frame".

"Scott was very well presented and knowledgeable on his subject".

"First time at this venue and was very impressed. This venue is well suited for east and west coast memebers alike".

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