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Life's A Pitch!

Evening Exchange

Thousands of shiny brochures, a cummerbund of black-tie dinners and more lunches than you can shake a breadstick at.  But you really should be spending time getting ready for that pitch.  When you are in the room it's not about pitch books or slides; it's about clarity, focus and power...and how to make the emotional connection.

Venue information

Dakota Hotel Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281


Gio Benedetti, Benedetti International, www.benedetti-intl.com


  • Russell Wardrop, Kissing With Confidence, www.kissingwithconfidence.co.uk

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Registered in Scotland. Company registration number SC160976.
Registered office: Barncluith Business Centre, Townhead Street, Hamilton, ML3 7DP. Developed by Mercurytide