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Networking: Charismatic Connecting

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“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Oscar Wilde 

Our social and professional networks are important.  For years it’s been said that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” that makes the difference……but that’s only half the story!  It’s how you relate to, how you connect with and how you are positively perceived by “who you know” that really matters. 

Making contacts and developing business and personal relationships with other people in your networks are essential professional skills and the lifeblood of successful businesses. 

This fast-paced, interactive and entertaining session will introduce the fundamentals of how you embrace the fear, appear self-confident, create rapport and make the all important emotional connection in social and professional situations. 

This event is aimed at those who are looking to refresh their networking skills, and ensuring they are making the most of their investment of time and resource in their networking activities.

Venue information

Dakota Hotel Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281


Chair: Brian Williamson, Tiger eye, www.tiger-eye.org


  • Speaker: Russell Wardrop, Kissing With Confidence,
  • www.kissingwithconfidence.co.uk

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