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26 April 2012
All welcome

This was a unique opportunity to hear Gilad, managing director, Linn Products, speak candidly and openly about the toughest period in the company’s history.  

He talked about his personal insights from a dramatic business turnaround as the company was steered through crisis and consolidation to ultimately thriving in today’s tough times.

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Dakota Edinburgh Dakota Hotel Edinburgh
EH30 9QZ

0131 319 3690

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Alan McCafferty, SimplyCashflow, www.simplycashflow.com


  • Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Products, www.linn.co.uk
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Value for me was hearing new experiences and meeting new people. Lot of new faces attended last night

The value of the event was reafirming what I knew. Knowledge that all companies no matter their size, management team experience and profitability can suffer potentially fatal issues. Do not let staff hide, have all main metrics that mean something displayed for all to see and have people explain why the metrics are so and so many other tips

Always good to be out with like minded people and to hear from another manufacturing organisation - there are not so many of us in the EE. Some good chat around the margins and some clear resonances in Gilad's story from my own experiences of turmoil and change

The value for me was reasurance and encouragement!

I enjoyed the talk from Gilad, he was a very good speaker and he's done an excellent job transforming his business

Great to hear a good war story and more importantly the value of learning from other businesses challenges helping better prepare my own company for growth

The Q&A session proved valuable, especially due to the speaker's open approach

Key tip for me - white boards, white boards, white boards

Key tips for me - succession plan for everyone - non execs - quality over quantity

My key tips - communication and clarity of core values and the need to keep measuring against them - my phrase 'the risks of creeping variance' - sharing of key metrics with the whole team - I do it spasmodically but need to make it a regular feature - so that they understand how and what the business is doing and how they fit - succession plan for all key members of staff, not just the ownership - look for value for your customers by metaphorically walking a mile in their shoes


Make the employees more aware as to the finances of the company

Sometimes you have to just keep going, other times you need to watch that you are going in the right direction. The trick is knowing which

Key tip for me - flat management structure to avoid micro power bases- cutting out managers who only manage - open accounting and information flow from the top to the bottom- visual white boards for shared information - dont rely/trust on the banks - be careful when diversifying- that you don't lose focus on core reasons as company is successful in the first place

Be open with employees - look to non-execs wherever possible - constantly ask 'is this what our clients want from us?'

Alan was fab as always

I liked Alan's informal, relaxed BUT 'in charge' skill

Alan gave a good summary and managed the event well

Gilad was very honest & informative. Really approachable

Gilad was very relaxed in delivery but great at getting over the key points

Thanks Gilad for being so honest and natural - not a powerpoint in sight. Thanks also for the music - top and tail. Good sense

Gilad was open, honest and approachable

A great presentation from Gilad - well prepared - very much appreciated

Meeting benefitted from Gilad's candour

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