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Gilad Tiefenbrun

Gilad was born in 1972 and grew up in Glasgow where his father, Ivor, had established Linn Products Limited in the same year.  

Gilad’s first formal introduction to Linn was during the school holidays when he was 13 and he spent subsequent holidays working at the factory thereafter. During these formative years Gilad enjoyed a crash course in various aspects of the business, getting involved in everything from product design to assembly.  His decision to study for a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh University was a natural progression for Gilad to formalise his early experience and mentorship of his father.   

After graduation Gilad put his academic knowledge into practice, this time outside of Linn to gain a wider engineering and business perspective.  This included stints at Drake Electronics, Avid Effects and Symbian.  At Symbian Gilad worked his way up through the ranks starting in 1998 as senior software engineer and leaving in 2003 as master integration manager where during a growth period for mobile electronics he was at the forefront of converting the latest innovations into workable solutions for the likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. His work creating open system solutions would later prove invaluable to his future innovation at Linn. 

Gilad returned to Linn in 2003 with a drive and determination to bring back into the business all he had learned in his career to date.  As head of R & D, Gilad swiftly commenced a large-scale restructuring of the department, making critical changes to both the team structure and the new product introduction process.  In 2005 he became director of engineering and was also appointed onto the executive management team.  

The introduction of Linn DS is regarded by Gilad as his greatest achievement to date, cementing Linn’s early leadership in digital music streaming and marking a shift of seismic proportions for the industry as a whole. And as if history were repeating itself, the company’s move into digital music streaming displays stunning hallmarks of Linn’s early leadership in high quality vinyl performance, with the legendary Sondek LP12 turntable introduced some 37 years ago and championed by Gilad’s father and predecessor Ivor. At the heart of the development of the Linn DS platform is the company’s no compromise commitment to retaining the integrity and quality of music recorded in the studio, for enjoyment in the home.

In 2008 Gilad attained an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School.  This combined with a proven track record in engineering excellence and a passion for raising awareness of the importance of music in our everyday lives, provided an invaluable foundation for his appointment as managing director of Linn Products Ltd in February 2009.  His time as managing director has already propelled Linn into a new era while maintaining the company’s family-orientated approach of keeping close to customers. 

Following a personal invitation, Gilad plays a key role within the Future SME Project, a multi-million pound European project to develop a future business model to be used by SME manufacturing companies across Europe.  He was also invited to sit on the Steering Committee of this project as well as to chair the End User Board. 

Gilad is married to Rachel and they have three daughters aged 7, 5 and 4. It is no surprise that his key interest outside Linn is music.  He plays guitar and sings, occasionally with a band, as well as listening to an eclectic mix of recorded and live music.

Alan J McCafferty 

Alan’s latest venture,  SimplyCashflow, the Cashflow Forecasting Business Management Tool (at www.simplycashflow.com), is the result of an accumulation of 20 years business experience from his own start-ups and business acquisitions to his Non-Executive/Chairman/mentoring roles and his restructuring/turnaround activities. 

For Alan, creating and relentlessly driving good business management practices with clear monitoring/reporting of your business KPIs is essential to the success of all businesses.  At the centre of this is Cashflow Forecasting as this is the heartbeat of your business.    


·        Honours degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering in 1988;

·        Chartered Engineer with British Petroleum;

·        In 1993 founded Brackenridge Engineering Ltd., specialising in  Control Systems;

·        In 1997 he identified an opportunity and formed an Indian food development and sales company, India UK Ltd which led to supplying Indian snacks to all ASDA stores, UK wide.  In January 2001 he accepted an attractive offer for his company;

·       Secured the acquisition of McCowan's Ltd, the confectionery manufacturer, in 2003 and although having successfully restructured the business it was evident that the business required additional funding.  With the inherited debt burden plus additional unforeseen debts, such as a £1M+ pension deficit new funding made no financial sense, at this point Alan made the decision to leave this business.   

Part of his portfolio of activity now is on Turnaround/Restructuring projects where he gets called in to stabilise struggling businesses, re-laying the foundations giving it the stability it needs to grow successfully from there.  

Alan has been described as a serial entrepreneur.  He is a strong people person and is keen on the 'it's got to be fun' principle.  He is ambitious, competitive and has great enthusiasm for business.  He enjoys the management and team building aspects of business and finds the psychology of business fascinating.


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Alan McCafferty, SimplyCashflow, www.simplycashflow.com


  • Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn Products, www.linn.co.uk
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