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Open The Door & Close The Deal

13 June 2013
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Too often we invest time, effort and cash to get in a room with a prospect, then blow it.  No matter who you are speaking to, what you are asking for or how clever you are, it rarely pays to oversell yourself.  In short, we often turn up without putting any thought into what we’ll do once we’re there.  This session showed you how to understand the key stages of a meeting, and influence skills you need to navigate a successful outcome.

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Dakota Motherwell Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281

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Brian Williamson, Jumpstart, www.jumpstart.co.uk


  • Russell Wardrop, Kissing with Confidence, www.kissingwithconfidence.com
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Excellent topic and speaker. Some good networking

Learned some excellent tips and greater awareness of how to handle a client meeting

Great business tools

Identified some key elements of the sales process in the business which are needing work

The value of this event for me was tweaking presentation skills and reassuring that you are doing some things right

Great venue and very well presented. I thought that Kissing with Confidence was very motivational

Nice refresher on sales/meeting process, always good to get other sales and business development thoughts, best practice and opinion. Attendees open to networking quickly, good to see

Great speaker

Meeting like-minded people. Knowledge share with no selling. Community. Discussion on failures as well as successes

I can take some of lessons back to my team

It reinforced much of my thinking

The speaker was very good at articulating what mindset you should have when going into a meeting with a prospect. I got a lot of value out of this

My key tips - to better and more formally plan meetings and calls with new customers. Value of small talk. etc.

Key tips: Prepare beforehand and be aware of minimum and maximum expectations; Be prepared for as much small talk as you feel is appropriate; listen and learn is vital; don't be too keen or too much of the expert; find the underlying interests; don't show to take too much control or stick agenda out too early; don't use brochures or slides; find balance between asking for too much or not enough; a flip chart is a really useful tool.

Key tip: Small talk and the importance of listening and engaging on a personal level before seeking sales

The sales process has been refreshed and re-enforced by Russell Wardrop in a straightforward and clear manner

Key tip - primarily the need to create a relationship before fostering it

Take the emphasis away from the deal and onto the relationship

Key tip for me -how effective small talk and building a rapport really is

Liked the different approached to an elevator pitch, good to take away something tangible to try right away

My key tips from the evening - enjoy the small talk, long may it continue as you're building rapport. Know what the range of worst to best you can get from a first meeting is so you can have some clear goals and know where you are in the conversation/progress of the meeting

Lord Williamson is a Brilliant Chairman!

Brian handled the evening very well and was helpful to me as a 'new member'

Brian always does just what is required. Brief enough and light hearted

Liked the use of the chairman to keep the flow going, Brian was engaging, timely and altogether welcoming

Brian is a quality act

Brian was very relaxed and professional

Brian was very good, seemed to make a point of speaking to visitors like myself

Please book Russell every year!

Great energy and practical skills told in stories and metaphors easy to remember

Great speaker- has improved over the 20 years or so that I have known him. Very usable material and great delivery and timekeeping

Russell was entertaining, captivating and animated. Involves everyone but no one too much to be out of their comfort zone

Russell was very entertaining and informative. Makes you think a lot more about things and just how simple things can make such a big difference

Overall, very enthusiastic with infectious energy and solid content, agreed with most of what was being discussed and guided

Russell has amazing energy, quite infectous, a man on top of his game

Russell was bouncing with energy. Good guy

Russell was a very good speaker, I felt like I had been given some real actionable advice for organising how I prepare

More of the same please.

Very good food on offer and a well timed and executed evening, well done

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