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An Evening With...Jack Black

An evening with...

Our second "Evening with..." event proved to be truly motivational and inspirational.  Jack talked about building his successful business and his vision for the future. 


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"I was inspired by the atmosphere and I was encouraged that some of the things I was doing were right and was given some new ideas as well"

"Uplifting and motivating"

"Inspirational through both networking and listening to the key note speaker"

"The importance of positivity, determination, vision and the power of positive thought"

"One phrase stands out - positive thinking doesn't always work - negative thinking always works"

"The absolute need for clarity of focus"

"It was good to hear that Jack had experienced similar challenges to myself - and how he worked his way through these challenges.  It was good to discuss similar things with other delegates"

"The reminder that even the most motivated people have flat periods and the value I got was learning what they do to get back on track and motivated which is always a help as at times running a business can be difficult and you need to keep motivated"

"The answer Jack gave me to my question has given me some new food for thought"

"Motivational tips and reminders of MindStore programmes that I had forgotten about"

"Jack's comment about knowing exactly what it is you want and then going after it"

"I thought it was highly refreshing to learn that Jack had basically walked the talk; he was in a less than satisfactory place in his life in the early years, and through hard work, vision and determination, has become a self-made man.  It's much harder to climb from the bottom of the ladder than it is from half way up!  Many business people forget this.  This is where true entrepreneurial talent shows through.  Jack has done that.  He has truly walked the talk!"

"Focus on what you do best"

"Positive thinking"

"Jack is very passionate"

Venue information

Dakota Hotel Shawfoot Road
Eurocentral Business Park
Near Glasgow

0870 2208281


Mr Chris van der Kuyl, Tayforth Consulting


  • Mr Jack Black, MindStore

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