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"An Evening With...Willie Haughey Obe"

An evening with...

This new event for members gave them the opportunity to hear first hand how hugely successful entrepreneurs have achieved their goals.  Willie shared his passion for entrepreneurship with fellow members and talked about building his successful business and his vision for the future in his usual forthright manner.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"Very motivational, very good speaker with great mix of anecdotes, facts and figures"

"Inspiring to hear how someone as successful as Willie has grown their business.  He was very open and honest and I felt very worthwhile"

"Showed me that every company experiences difficulty at some point however successful they might be now"

"Believe in your business vision and follow it with passion and commitment"

"Focus on specific clients and forms of contract business"

"Get to know the people in the middle of your clients organisations as they make the decisions"

"Don't get sidetracked into other ventures"

"The key is fantastic customer service at all times and also reward your staff!"

"Illustrated that Scottish companies can compete globally despite size"

"Good to hear first hand how success was achieved from a genuine person"

"Willie is by far a natural leader who speaks from the heart"

"Truly inspirational to have achieved so much success but also to be so humble with no trace of arrogance"

"It was my first experiences as a new member and found it inspirational from macro level.  It was also great from Micro Networking perspective"

"Was good to hear how errors can be made and to rectify them you need a strong relationship with your clients and key associates.  The value of effective financial planning and financial advice as early as you can"

"Motivational!  It helped us apply some subtle changes to our business strategy"

"It was inspirational listening to Willie talk about his career"

"Hearing and understanding the tribulations that successful entrepreneurs have had to endure helps you apprecuate that you are in exactly the same position"

"It was so strange for me, this time, as everything Willie was talking about is actually happening to me in my business, so I am paying attention to the planning for the future"

"This event was direct and controlled, with a touch of personal flair from the speaker and host"


Venue information

No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615


Mr Chris Gorman OBE, Team Advisors


  • Mr Willie Haughey, City Refrigeration Holding (UK) Ltd

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