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An Evening With...Brian Souter

7 February 2008
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An evening with...


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At this event Members had the fantastic opportunity to listen to Brian's story of his road to success and his aspirations for the future.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"Brian is outstanding! We often see the veneer of success but very seldom hear of the gargantuan struggles and personal risks and various stages of the entrepreneurial journey .  It is affirming to hear how Brian had his share of "crocodiles up to his backside!".  His comments about the need for Providence also echoed.  So in summary, he was intelligent, articulate, self-effacing, humorous and passionate.  Great stuff!" 

"It is great that John and Brian have such a good relationship, that shows you the power of Entrepreneurial Scotland"

"Brian had a great story, personality was very funny, down to earth and approachable"

"Despite the enormity of his achievements, the speaker exuded normality and an acknowledgement of his beginnings that was both humbling and inspiring.  The buzz in the aftermath of the speech was palpable and there was an impression that everybody enjoying the networking had become more energised as a result.  I am certainly back in my office with a renewed sense of purpose this morning!"

"Brian's open and frank style gave some insights into his approach to business and what has made him successfull"

"This was a professionally run event and has got to be one of the best yet.  Brian's down to earth manner coupled with good questioning by John McGlynn meant that it was pitched exactly right regardless of the size of your business.  Everyone could learn something"

"Extremely inspirational and motivational"

"Brian's honest, sincere passion and sharing of his knowledge were fantastic"


"John McGlynn was very professional in his role"

"Just great to hear how an ordinary guy built a great business"

"Tips - Don't listen to consultants, don't be afraid to challenge legislation or authorities and influence key staff rather than dictate"

"John is an ideal host for this type of event and keeps the time and mood of the evening intact"

"Brian reaffirmed my belief that people are the difference.  Having a vision determined by a set of values is a great platform from which to begin and don't be frightened to turn back if you've taken the wrong turn"

"John McGlynn did a great job in pulling together different questions and making them hang together.  A real skill"

"It was refreshing to hear Brian's story warts and all delivered in a witty and inspiring style - really inspirational!"

"I think this is an excellent format and what an incredible achievement to be able to supply so many highly successful Entrepreneurs.  The membership is worth every penny"

"Stay true to yourself and never give up.  Work hard and influence things you can control, don't worry about the things you can't"

"The night offered another great insight to one of Entrepreneurial Scotlands Hall of Fame members.  Brian's business strategy and approach to enterprise offered much thought of what could be learned and applied in our own business" 

"If you're in trouble mode don't be afraid to turn all the way back to where things went wrong and try again"

"Breath of fresh air and insight into Brian's philosophy to business"

"Anecdotal pieces of advice and experiences were very interesting"

"These events are a great formula, a real lift and inspiration, I couldn't wait to get back to the office and make it all happen"

"Brian was refreshingly humble and changed some preconceptions I held about him.  I thought his speech was very well judged to the audience, all too often people who are asked to speak regularly have a well worn speech ready which usually fails to resonate with the audience.  Not the case here at all"

"The value was inspiration and motivation from Brian"

"Key tips - planning, providence, passion and consolidate your platform"

"John dealt with the list of questions well by grouping similar ones and wrapped up the talk well" 

"The value for me was getting the opportunity to listen and question one of Scotland's best ever entrepreneurs"

"A great presentation, thanks"

"People are the most important ingredients to running a successful business.

"Influence people, don't dominate them"

"The value was having the experience of listening to one of the UK's top entrepreneurs and meeting other Exhange members for the first time"

"Brian was a very entertaining speaker having included his career background, many anecdotes and useful business pointers for aspiring entrepreneurs"

"Really enjoyed Brian's style, delivery and substance.  Fascinating insight to growth and success of business. Good mix of humour, information, advice and most of all motivating business owners"

"John was a good chairperson, he kept the evening on schedule and kept the topic interesting and relevant"

"Brian was absolutely superb"

"Enlightning - he had a real passion!"

"Great calibre of speaker - good sound reasoning"

"Brian reinforced what I believe and do.  Follow your heart and your gut instinct" 

"John gave Brian a good platform from which to speak and tell his story" 

"Brian was one of the best speakers I have heard so far.  He was intelligent, self-effacing, witty and totally on the ball.  What an amazing man!"

"A fantastic and natural speaker"

"Key tips - always consolidate after a period of growth, stick to your principles, enjoy what you go and the CEO's job is to motivate"

"Enforced the basis of driving a business through its people" 

"The networking is, as always, excellent and I caught up with friends and made a few new ones" 

"Frank lessons were learned"

"A chance to meet new people who I could hopefully learn from"

"Very candid and relaxed - great to listen to with a good mix of humour and fact"

"Anticipate the market and follow your intuition, don't follow advisors"

"Brian was straight talking, informative, educational with useful advice"

"Concentrate on your thoughts and don't be too put off by advisors" 

"Very thought provoking - a realisation that sometimes we take too long on decisions involving our professional advisors" 

"Don't let your accountants sway your enthusiasm!"

"More of the same please"

"A very pleasant evening for a newbie member and I enjoyed meeting your team"

"Excellent evening, well done the team"

Venue information

29 Private Members Club, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615

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Mr John McGlynn, Airlink Group


  • Mr Brian Souter
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