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An Evening With...Sir Tom Farmer

6 March 2008
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An evening with...

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Sir Tom Farmer is legendary as one of Scotland's top entrepreneurs and in this event he shared his experiences and work ethics with fellow members.  Members had submitted questions prior to the event but also had the opportunity to ask questions from the floor on the evening, which Sir Tom happily answered.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from members who attended this event:

"I am now understanding, really understanding exactly what the Entrepreneurial Exchange is all about. It is not a networking medium as I had thought, but a committed group of people actually helping each other.  Well done your organisers and those on the Board"

"So far this morning I have called all my staff together and explained to them that they are representatives of the company and that the reason that we do the work that we do is to provide a rock solid support to them and the pride that we have in them.  I realised that we do not tell people this enough"

"It was both informative and inspiring.  I thought that Sir Tom's humble attitude was remarkable.  For somone who has achieved so much he was remarkably frank and forthright in his speech and was very candid in honouring others who contributed to his success.  His comments that the key features in attaining success were: intelligence/intellect; energy; common sense was particularly valuable.  I found the whole tone, content, delivery and subject matter to be excellent.  It was invaluable and I commend him for it.  I was fortunate enough to have a brief word with Sir Tom after the event and inform him that many points he made were of some relevance to me as I began my career as a brickies labourer on a building site many years ago before going on to other more prosperous ventures"

"Again, high quality networking before and after.  Inspiration from an excellent speaker with a story that helped get to the kernel of what makes someone like Sir Tom tick and what attributes he has that perhaps seperate him from the herd" 

"Key points of value was the emphasis on staff moral, pay & share incentives"

"Appreciate that fun creates success when you have the right people on board"

 "People - be good to people"

"It's all down to the team"

"These evenings provide a great opportunity to listen to extraordinary entrepreneurs who have overcame many of the problems that we face now.  They provide both inspiration and motivation, sometimes when it is required most. Their commitment to hleping others is a great testament to them"

"Key point without a doubt it was the point he underlined that in any business the key to success is the people that work with you"

"Tom was so inspirational!  You couldn't help but get motivated by him!  Beats Billy Graham any day for me!"

"Chris set the evening up well by being open about the influence that Sir Tom had on him and his business.  This provided a great opening and link for Tom!"

"I enjoyed this tremendous opportunity of listening to one of Scotland's greatest ever entrepreneurs. His work ethics can be applied to all areas of business and I found it to be both motivational and educational"

"Work hard - treat staff well"

"Work hard, employ the correct people, organise and plan your business.  Be true to your friends and colleagues"

"Ensure you have the highest calibre team and motivate them properly"

"key tip - delegate don't abdicate"

"Do good by your fellow man"

"World class person who cares about people at every walk of life, even globally.  I especially liked his comments about helping others not about money but about time"

"Sir Tom was really, really generous with his time"

"I took two pages of notes and the value in them if I can only just apply them to my own business is absolutely priceless - hugely grateful for his advice and for sharing lessons he has learned along the way - thank you"

"His reassurance that what I am doing re people is spot on"

"Tom told a fascinating story in a very down to earth way - inspires you to achieve more"

"A wonderful story with many lessons.  Tom gave vivid accounts and analogies of situations which he encountered along his path.  The social side was great too"

"Chris gave a good introduction for Tom.  Chris showed obvious respect and affection for Tom"

"Tom was an outstanding speaker" 

"The key tip would have to be Sir Tom's advice on looking after our people who help us grow our business"

"To hear of such an achievement in the open terms related by Sir Tom was outstanding.  He really instilled the belief 'it's there to be done'"

"The value that I gained was the opportunity to listen to Sir Tom Farmer tell his story, I found this very inspiring"

"Tom is amazing and passionate, he enjoyed telling his story and presented a life of lessons and experience.  I appreciated the ethical stance he takes with all things"

"An excellent insight into Tom who was very generous with his time, a true Ambassador of the Exchange"

"Loved Tom's talk especially his impersonation of an American inspirational speaker!  He made me think ...... in fact as you can probably tell he really inspired me.  I thought his take on philanthropy was great with it not being all about money"

"Determination, high energy and good management will always succeed in a growing market"

"As always seems to be the case with this format and the speakers, it is so inspirational and educational delivered in an open and honest way"

"Chris was an excellent Chairperson for the night and there was a great rapport between Chris & Sir Tom"

"Value for me was taking inspiration from the story and the energy, he stressed the importance of passion"

"Sir Tom was an excellent speaker, inspirational, funny and says it like it is.  The night wasn't long enough!" 

"The value was gaining an insight into Sir Tom's experiences and his advice on certain aspects of business"

 "Sir Tom gave great anecdotes and words of wisdom"

"Sir Tom was open, honest, down to earth along with inspirational"

"It was really interesting to hear Sir Tom speak, there was no hyperbole just the real deal which was refreshing.  His natural enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment made the evening very entertaining"

"I always find Chris entertaining.  There is never a dull moment when he is involved"

"Tom is a great role model for all of us, combining solid values and personal integrity"

"I believe this format works very well, it is quite intimate"

"Sir Tom was very inspirational and easy to listen to"

"Good to hear from an inspirtional and motivational speaker and a good opportunity to network with fellow Entrepreneurial Exchange members"

"Remain focused on your business strategy and maintain a high level of business energy and activity"

"Be yourself, work hard and stick to your principals"

Venue information

Le Monde 16 George Street

0131 270 3900

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Chris Gorman, OBE


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