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An Evening With...Bob Keiller

An evening with...

In this event Bob shared his story of his road to success and his aspirations for the future, where he was happy to answer any questions that Members had.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from delegates who attended this event:

"Amazing story on how Bob built up such a large business over many countries in such a short time.  Very inspirtional.  These events are also fantastic networking opportunities"

"Bob is a highly driven, motivated individual who has the passion, belief and energy to drive his company forward.  He is an excellent role model for his staff and fellow members of the Exchange"

"After a quieter summer and everything in the press it is just so great to get out and see like minded people again!  You instantly get a wider feel on what the market is doing and start opening up all your networks again.  Love it!"

"Bob was very interesting and very clear.  When you get somebody consistently giving the same message - core values, you come away with real clarity and ask yourself, maybe I should instil more of that clarity in my own business"

"Great networking and great story from Bob"

"Another excellent networking opportunity.  Good information and a nice balance between humour and serious content"

"Good insight into Bob, his business and some of the factors which have got him/it to where it is today"

"Bob was an excellent speaker with good mix of humour and serious stuff.  Good networking opportunity" 

"Great speaker, great networking, great event"

"Bob is a great guy - excellent content.  Please thank him for his time and contribution"

"The absolute importance of core values in your company"

"Bob is just a fab guy and so down to earth"

"Create the correct company culture and make sure all staff and clients work within your core values.  This will create an environment where like minded ambitious staff will want to work.  This should make it easier to attract staff and hold on to existing employees"

"Bob is an outstanding individual"

"Saturate your company and employees with your work ethic and culture and the rewards will come"

"Very compelling speaker and story teller.  A natural and inspirational leader.  I've heard Bob a number of times but would always come back for more"

"Great listening to someone who has 'done it' and getting some ideas to embrace within my own business"

"Simplify the vision and strategy.  Identify the DNA/values of the organisation and work them hard as they are the foundation of all success"

"Liked his commitment to his core values" 

"Really enjoyed what was my first event with the EE, looking forward to the next one"

"Keep the Evening with events coming....Well done!"

"An excellent and entertaining evening"

"Embedded my beliefs on how important core values are"

"Good level of questions"

















Venue information

No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615


Chris Gorman, OBE, DUniv FRSA, Team Advisors


  • Bob Keiller, Production Services Network

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