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After graduating in 1986, Bob Keiller worked as an engineer for BP, becoming a chartered engineer in 1990.  He was then head-hunted by a technical consulting company where he worked for two years.  He was head-hunted again by oil producer Amerada Hess in 1992, where he held a variety of management roles across the group.  Further career progression at Amerada Hess would have disrupted his children's education with overseas postings, so an offer to join Halliburton in January 2002 was irresistible.

In May 2002 Bob became head of UK operations for the Production Services division within Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR).  Bob re-focussed the business, assessing key strengths, divesting non-core assets and improving tender success from one in ten, to nine in ten.  Following this success, Bob was made Global MD of the Production Services division in 2004 (www.psnworld.com).  

Recognising that business model for Production Services differed from the rest of KBR, (it was less capital-intensive and had a lower risk profile), Bob saw the opportunity to spin out the division.  Bob secured over $400m (US) of funding from the Bank of Scotland Integrated Finance and on 1st May 2006 created PSN through an award-winning $280million (US) management-buy-out. 

Since the origination of the deal, Bob has overseen a 20% growth in the business with EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) several million dollars ahead of plan.  PSN has also created over 2500 new jobs globally and now employs a network of over 8,500 people, wor