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An Evening With Jim Mccoll, Obe

An evening with...

Members were teated to a fabulous evening with Jim McColl, OBE where they got to listen to his inspirational story of entrepreneurial success.


Here are some comments/feedback from delegates who attended this event:

"This was an excellent Exchange evening and Jim really is not only a top Scottish businessman but truly worldwide and his advice and time to Exchange members is very admirable"

"Jim is an ambassador for everything that is good about Scottish Business.  His success and the manner in which he strategises and values his workforce is an example to us all.  I achieved so much value from this event that it would trivialise the value by selecting only one of two points.  I too remember Jim's speach at Gleneages in 1999 and it is truly astounding what he has achieved in less than 10 years"

"Jim was fantastic, positive, an inspiration to all!"

"The sheer enthusiasm from Jim would give anyone a lift in this difficult financial climate"

"Jim is a wonderful and natural speaker running a World Class Scottish company.  What more could the Exchange members want"

"The clarity with which Jim presents matters is fantastic!  As he said we over complicate things and he has reinforced the way to approach business"

"Listening to such an inspirational speaker who is extremely modest about his achievements was uplifting and inspires you to do better"

"Jim is an inspiration - makes it all sound too easy!"

"Jim was hugely inspirational.  He treated the meeting with respect, was confident, answered all the questions well, listened and I bet most people left the room feeling more confident than they were when they went in, I certainly did and he did it in a really down to earth fashion, well done Jim"

"Jim was full of integrity and very refreshing especially on his own achievements - very inspiring"

"Jim was so open and frank, showed reall courage and was very engaging"

"Excellent networking opportunity.  A very passionate and detailed presentation on an excellent topic that inspired"

"Jim had a very good manner with a humble approach - an inspiration!" 

"Great networking, excellent talk"

 "Get all of your staff to share the vision"

"Cash management is priority, stick to the areas you are good at and continue to look for opportunities in a difficult climate"

"I got lots of tips about growing your business and about taking risks and being creative, especially at the moment"

"The value obtained for me was that it came straight from the horses mouth, Jim was very honest and delivered a very positive speech"

"Jim was truly inspirational - very open and honest"

"Jim was fantastic!"

"The evening was inspiring and the tribulations that Jim explained can be mirrored in any business"

"Value was the importance of chatting with fellow business owners and the importance of sharing your experiences regardless of the complexity"

"Jim was very honest, endearing and inspiring"

"Excellent story, engagingly told"

"This series of events is excellent for members and a valued aspect of what the Exchange can offer.  Jim came across as being well prepared and sincere in what he had to say.  He hit the spot"

"It re-affirmed that in difficult times there are opportunities to be had"

"Jim left nothing unsaid and what he did say was well explained, relevant and useable now"

"Find the positive in every situation and focus on that"

"The value was the story, networking, relaxation and fun. It was great to have a break from the drollness of the credit crunch and hear some success stories"

"Focus on revenue, be creative and innovative with sales don't get distracted by other ventures"

"Jim offered a clear and sensible approach to the business challenges that we all face at the moment" 

"The organisation was smooth and seemless.  I was particularly grateful that care had been taken to get my new company name right etc.  It is a reflection of a team that cares"

"Very interesting story with lots of excellent nuggets of information on Jim's approach to business"

"Concentrate on revenue - build personal friendships with people who can help - keep positive"

"Jim - what an achiever!"

"People are able to achieve extraordinary things, if they put a goal forward and tackle it from many angles"

"Excellent evening"

"Have a clear vision, communicated to all of the workforce.  A motivated workforce can have a huge impact on productivity"

"Look on things as opportunities and work out where advantage can be taken from an apparent crisis"

"Focus on revenue generation, keep an eye on costs and monitor cash-flow in these times"

"There was a great buzz and lots of people there"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  The organisers were lovely and made sure that I easily integrated into the group.  I am already looking forward to my next event"

"This event was hugely worthwhile"

"Jim was very inspirational"

"Busy event with a good mix of interesting people"

"More of the same please"

Venue information

No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615


Chris Gorman, OBE, DUniv, FRSA, Team Advisors, www.teamadvisors.co.uk


  • Jim McColl, OBE, Clyde Blowers, www.clydeblowers.co.uk

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Hearing it confirmed from an undoubted industry star how it is always drive and determination that gets you there

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