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An Evening With Stewart Milne, Cbe

An evening with...

Members came to hear how one of Scotland's leading housebuilding entrepreneurs made his vision a reality and what the future holds for him now.

Venue information

No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615


Murray Strachan, Albyn Ventures, www.albynventures.com


  • Stewart Milne, CBE, Stewart Milne Group, www.stewartmilne.com

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"The value for me was listening to passionate and a real story of major succes from humble beginnings"

"The value was iInspiration and networking"

"I am in the construction industry and it was very refreshing to see how a market leader is being affected and how he is managing himself and his team to push the business forward".

"The value was gaining an insite to the current market conditions from a volume house builder".

"Interesting to hear someone who leads a large company and the challenges he faces and good that he had someone in his organisation that challenged him". "Good networking value".

"Great night and open and frank discussion from Stewart. Also met up with other organisations that I hope to do business with. Really enjoyed the night".

"The value was hearing experiences of growing the business and coping with the current climate".

"Stewart's honest approach to how he has achieved his successs and the challenges he has experienced and how he sees the current climate was refreshing!".

"The value obtained are the lessons learned by other entrepreneurs and how they can be applied to your own situation - great learning from others mistakes!!!Networking was good too".

"Persevere was the lasting tip I will take from the event"

"Key tip - it is time to be more directive"!

"Key tip for me - yet again its all about a team and not an individual response".

"Back strong managements teams Take a broad look and not a deep look at the overall business picture and strategy"

"Always believe there is a way through (although you might not get through unscathed)".

"Make sure you are challenged on a regular basis".

"Boards should broaden not deepen knowledge, open culture and training breeds better organisation".

"Key tips for me - Life is like a bank account - you have to put something in, then you can take something out - plus a little more. Know your strengtths and weaknesses and do't be afraid to be challenged - no blame culture. Surround yourself with good people. If you feel out of your depth - listen and learn. Let go of your key strengths and pass them down the line to others - then broaden your skills to be a good leader. Openess is important - don't be defensive".

"Recognise your weaknesses and have a strong team around. Put yourself in difficult situations and somehow you will come through the other end, stronger than before".

"I thought Murray was an excellent chairperson and conducted the night in a professional manner along with getting Stewart to elaborate further with answers from the floor, well done".

"We are very priviliged that Stewart arrived to talk with us in this very challenging climate. This speaks volumes about his integrity".

"Interesting to hear how Stewart's childhood shaped him in later years and provided his core values".

"It is very clear that Stewart is a well rounded humble Scottish Entrepreneur and it is good to see that even in difficult trading times Stewart is willing to give up his time and drive to Glasgow to offer his advice".

"Stewart was very open and gave a warts and all summary of his business life from humble beginnings to the heights of his Group to todays challenging market".

"I was really impressed with Stewart's achievements and I learned a lot about what makes him an excellent leader and inpsiration to others".

"It was nice to hear somebody who is so succesfull admit that sometimes he felt out of his depth".

"Very charming and humble man who shared his story warts and all, very honest and therefore inspirational".

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