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16 March, An Evening With…..Azeem Ibrahim

An evening with...

Described by his peers as a brilliant young scholar, financial wizard and gifted entrepreneur, Glasgow-born Azeem kicked off his hugely successful career when he launched his own IT consultancy in 1997. Members came along to this event to hear his inspirational story.

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615


Mr John McGlynn, Airlink Group, www.airlinkgroup.com


  • Mr Azeem Ibrahim, ECM Investment Management, www.ecminvestment.com

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"Azeem was an excellent speaker with simple but vital tips. Good networking with two new contacts"

"Added value is the Q&A session and chat afterwards"

"Azeem is a great inspirational speaker"

"The opportunity to hear and learn from Azeem in my opinion was great value"

"Great night, great speaker, great networking"

"The value at these events is the networking and from listening to the speaker"

"Take a leaf from that man's organisational ability!"

"Azeem is a stunning role model on what is possible. He may well be the last of the true polymath's"

"Azeem was a very inspirational speaker with practical advice on managing time/multi-tasking and spotting opportunities"

"Azeem was an excellent speaker"

"I liked hearing about the transition from one business to the other"

"Wow! What an amazing and perceptive guy with success and understanding in so many sectors. Gems of information, from the state of the economy to education promoting international peace"

"This was my first event and have already 3 business meetings in my diary for next week"

"I was inspired by Azeem's enthusiasm, his drive, energy and the strategic thinking he displays and how he goes about getting the job done"

"Superb, great to be back networking and sharing inspirations"

"Azeem is an inspirational speaker"

"Azeem made interesting comments on time management and compartmentalisation"

"The value was absorbing the experiences of someone with such a diverse portfolio"

"Azeem is an inspiration and was generous with practical advice on how to manage multiple projects"

"Key tips for me - spot the opportunity and be brave to go for it - set goals - write them down, focus and make them happen - look for connections"

"Key tips for me - react to opportunity and have a balance"

"Key tips - set & write goals for short, medium & long term, also offer equity or commission to the right staff in order to enhance business & performance"

"I was reminded of a few excellent key points: how to spot opportunities, focus and build your soft links"

"Key tip - setting goals in all aspects of life. Yes, we have heard that before but Azeem really reinforced it"

"Key tip - that all of the stuff you know and read really does work if you take action and put it into practice"

"I particularly liked Azeem's reference to 'secondary acquaintances' and their importance"

"Key tips for me - look for opportunities they are out there - be very focussed and disciplined with your time -compartmentalise effectively - have fun - give something back - use your network's network"

"I got three key learning points from Azeem's lecture"

"Key tip - focus on what you are doing rather than thinking about what you should be doing"

"Tip for me - I need to speed up my transition plans!"

"Key tips - the importance of passion and how to foster that in my employees - aligning beliefs within the organisation"

"Key tips from the talk- use my network, read David Allen's book on 'Get Things Done' and over all keep things in perspective"

"Key tips for me - to try and spot profitable opportunities, to prioritise and to have a plan to take the project from start to completion. I will also be investing in the GTD book!"

"Key tips - plainning, goals, and GTD principles"

"Key tip taken - how much can be achieved through self belief...and being organised and focused!"

"I will attempt merging 'Getting Things Done' with mind mapping. Interesting idea"

"Key tips for me - read "Getting Things Done" by David Allan - use mind maps more to plan projects - get focused and specific on my goals for each company and other areas of life and write them down - review them more often - communicate the company goals effectively with the management team to create alignment"

"John McGlynn is a natural skilled chairperson"

"John McGlynn did a fantastic job hosting the event"

"John was superb!"

"John was competent and effective"

"John was the usual professional. Smooth transition and complimentary to the guest"

"John McGlynn was fantastic, excellent Chair"

"Azeem was excellent"

"Well done for getting Azeem to come back to speak. I loved him at Gleneagles and he re-inforced messages but with a 2010 spin"

"Azeem was very good"

"Azeem is motivational and inspirational"

"Azeem was probably one of the best speakers at these events and also demonstrates the quality of members within the Exchange"

"Azeem was outstanding"

"Azeem is a very inspirational man"

"Azeem's was an inspirational story"

"Azeem was an inspirational speaker"

"Azeem was just great"

"Azeem was inspiring!"

"Azeem, simply a fabulous man and a great inspiration"

"Azeem was very articulate, and inspiring"

"Azeem was excellent - an inspiration to see some one who manages to 'produce' so much. He should write a book on maximising personal/ business productivity - I'm sure it would be an instant best seller"

"Yet another great night"

"Keep up the good work"

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