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An Evening With... Jim Mccoll Obe

1 September 2011
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By popular demand, come and listen to Jim update you on what amazing things have been happening in the last two years for this inspiring entrepreneur.

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No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615

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John McGlynn, Airlink Group, http://www.airlinkgroup.com


  • Jim McColl OBE, Clyde Blowers Ltd, http://www.clydeblowers.co.uk
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I'd give Jim 11/10 if I could! Fantastic to hear such a down to earth approach to business on such a scale

Really enjoyed Jim's delivery and a well thought out talk as it had lots of thought provoking nuggets of what he has done

Jim Mcoll - WOW and WOW again! Still buzzing from listening to this inspiring and motivational human being. So honoured that I got to meet him. Without being too schmaltzy it really is great being a member of the Entrepreneurial Exchange

Jim's enthusiasm for his businesses really came through. He spoke very well and really gave us a flavour for the decisions that he had made and his strategic thinking and ultimately why he sold his latest business

Jim is a brilliant, interesting, clever, down to earth guy, very impressed!

Could have listened for hours and hours more! This event obviously focused on Weir and much on the economy of Scotland, but would be good to have Jim back at future events, he is a real inspiration and brings an immense value to the exchange. For me his words cannot fail to be a boost for any entrepreneur at any stage of their development

Jim is easy to listen to, good sense of humor and knows his stuff. Really enjoyed it

Jim was excellent, could have listened to him all night

Jim was inspiring and how do I book half a day of his time!

Jim was excellent

Book title for Jim - Collapsing the Triangle? or Three things at Once!!

Jim is such a passionate and highly motivated professional

Jim is such an inspirational leader, entrepreneur and speaker! I could listen to Jim all night! He is a great role model to us all and an example of what entrepreneurship is really about and what is possible!

Jim was just really inspiring and motivational

Jim is amazing

John was an excellent witty chairperson. He did a fantastic job

Great Chairperson - kept the evening moving, good humour

John kept timings really well and encouraged discusion and questions, very good

Keep up the good work! A very polished and professional performance

Chairman was the best the Exchange has ever had

John offered a great deal of advice to me during the networking section of the event and made me feel very welcome

I liked Jim's strong minded approach to believe in his product and company and not allow anyone to bend his mind or skew the plans to accomodate their business plan

Main tip for me - clarity of Vision

My key tips from the evening - damaged brands are an acquisition opportunity if they have core attributes such as an existing customer base, with process critical products and services, preferably with after-sales revenue - drive Customer Intimacy and through this undersand what needs to be fixed and where the innovation opportunities exist - do not be afraid to challenge ingrained industry norms such as organisational structures - Governments cannot create jobs but they can put in place the policies and conditions to fuel business growth

My key tip - Don't take no for an answer!

Importance of fully understanding your market, of having trained and motivated employees at every level. Have confidence in your own knowledge. Pay attention to detail, the CEO needs to listen to everyone in the organisation, not just direct reports

Sometimes even when everyone else says you are wrong if you trust yourself and your key people who say you are right then stick to your guns

Think about what you are doing with your business and how you want to grow it. Have a plan

Focus on the business with radar like concentration on the metrics

Focus on the culture - create a global vision for the company to harness energy, resolve long held complaints like salary & training

Forget the competition, stop getting hung up on diminishing markets and the hype of recession...it's all about identifying the market size, analysing that market and implementing a strategy to capture a bigger percentage of that market and keep growing! The secret to fast implementation is in setting the vision and motiviting the team. Much of the value in Weir was the fabulous heritage and a great portfolio of products.....the downside was little new product development - Jim's team unlocked a lot of the value by changing that, accelerating NPD and initially focusing on the quickest route - re-engineering the existing products...........I'm now on the case!

Set a clear vision and strategy for the business. Stick to your guns in terms of that strategy. Aim high - you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. Work with people who understand what you are trying to achieve, ensure that they are behind the plan

Remain upbeat. Even in an economic dowturn succesful buisness can not only survive but grow.

Don't take no for an answer. Follow through on what you believe.

Create a vision that the team can work to

Keep in control of the business mission. Have 'Fortune favours the brave' attitude. Don't worry what others think - well most of the time!

Aim high! Be aspirational. Work hard. Never give up. Do not be in fear of the business giants in your sector

Make a plan, execute that plan and keep improving the plan. Get everyone who works for you to beleive in it then get people poutside to beleive in it.Then deliver it year on year. Now you have created real value

Understand market positioning and your market share

Reinforcing my own belief that you don't have to take NO as the final answer. There is often another way/solution if you have the vision and determination, and Jim has it in spades! His Vision 'Yes We Can!' says it all! Again, like Bob Keiller, Jim is a big advocate of founding everything on a solid set of Core Values that everyone can get behind. I liked his key approach of 'Analysis - Focus - Compelling Vision -Make it Happen"

Focus on a goal, communicate the vision, and don't be afraid to invest when other people haven't seen the potential

My favourite quote was 'You can't factor a motivated workforce into a balance sheet'

Tips for me were learning to set goals then work out how to achieve them, particularly in relation to making acquisitions. Understanding the value of analysing the market and knowing your place in it. Looking at your own operations to see where bottle necks can occur which slow the whole system. Look at introducing teaching modules for staff rather than relying on typical passive learning. Consider the after market, where ongoing potentially profitable maintenance work exists

Having the opportunity to hear first hand from such an inspiring Scottish Entrepreneur was a real treat. Everything he said was like gold dust to a fellow entrepreneur who intends to emulate his success

Jim was a fabulous speaker who gave an open and frank insight into how his business grew to the size it did, and follow on sale. He was inspirational and good humoured with it. Audience participation was excellent too and it shows what a positive it is to have like minded people in one room

Inspirational! What an example of achievement. Lessons - have a vision, communicate that vision. Support your people and many, many more tips from the evening

Truly inspirational. Jim McColl is someone to be emulated

Jim was a very interesting speaker. Good networking after the talk

As usual at these events, it is refreshing to hear it can be done and I am now fueled up again

The value of the evening for me - insights into running a hugely successful business, and how that applies to any scale

The value of these events are the wee nuggets of how Jim got the growth/motivating growth outside the imaginable and plus catch up time with friends on new business ideas

Excellent talk from Jim McColl and hats off to the chair - well managed controlled with a bit of humour on the side. Great networking opportunity

This was a fantastic event with a lot of information in it about how to grow your business, the strategic thinking that needs to go into decision making and how to sell it for a good price

Jim McColl was excellent! Absolutely love hearing about someones success!

Great insight into how Jim changed the culture of Weir Pumps after acquisition

Jim as ever is inspirational. His ability to view and portray things in a simple fashion is incredible...in his Weir Pumps story not only has his vision been phenominal but the implimentation of his plans are quite staggering. He said much that related to my business (albeit with a few zeros added!) and I took away some really valuable ideas. It was like having a top business consultant working for free :-) Jim's words supported my plan to bring some of our manufacture back to Scotland and challenged me see where the real value in the business is

Jim's self belief and passion are infectious, he is a great public speaker in that I'd find it difficult to get bored hearing him speak. It has given me a bit of a kick in the right direction

Great inspirational talk and story

Great headline speaker....recent events made it more topical but Jim would have been great a month ago too. Several new contacts made - Inspiring atmosphere

An excellent insight into how one of Scotland's leading Entrepreneur's built his business. An inspiring story. Jim also has some very interesting views regarding the country's taxation system

Great to here Jim's recent success

Jim was great, even just in helping raising optimism

Excellent event. Amazing to learn how business is conducted on a truly global scale

Know your market. Set your objective, communicate your vision. Motivate your people. Make it happen despite any difficulties. Forget business school limits and self limiting objectives

The value of this event was seeing so clearly how Jim achieved what he did

The background to understanding how such a high multiple was achieved on Jim's deal was awe inspiring

Jim is such an inspirational leader, entrepreneur and speaker! These 'audience with' events are always great value as you always come away inspired and with some golden nuggets

It's amazing to be able to hear from someone such as Jim and be able to ask questions and hear their insights

The confidence that Jim McColl inspires, not only did he give practical advice but his 'can do' attitude is infectious

I tweeted and blogged about the event, and found the response online was impressive. The value was in extending the reach of the Exchange beyond the room at 29

A motivational speaker and valuable networking

Overall an excellent event. Well done

Well done to all - really upbeat night - thanks!

Keep up the good work of the Exchange with high calibre evenings like this.

Again another superb event with the right amounf of time for networking. Well done

Thank you, it was a fantastic night, worth every penny of the membership and that's only the start of the years events

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