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Evening With...Iain Macritchie

3 May 2012
Members only

Iain's ability to turnaround businesses and help them realise their potential has driven his career to great heights over the past 24 years.  Members had the fantastic opportunity to hear his inspirational story.

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No 29, Glasgow 29 Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AJ

0141 225 5615

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John Anderson, The Entrepreneurial-Exchange, www.entrepreneurial-exchange.co.uk


  • Iain MacRitchie, MCR Holdings, www.mcrholdings.com
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Iain is an excellent and motivated individual, very much 'no nonsense' - straight talking man with some great stories

Iain's presentation content and style was top notch. The lessons I took away from last nights event were worth the membership fee alone! I have been bumping along without support as banks won't help. Last night gave me such a shot in the arm and was very welcome. So glad I attended. Great networking - as always the backbone of EE events. Great people who all share a common theme of helping each other

The vaule was Iain's direct, open and informal presentation style. He was able to give us real life examples of what's worked and what hasn't

Wrote more notes at this event than any other before! Presentation was good mix of punchy points tied into 'real' examples. Some great pointers but as Iain said himself much of this is already known to the audience deep down but events like this really help to give validity to these deep rooted thoughts

The value is networking and also from Iain's fantastic talk

Value for me was hearing the wide range of experiences that Iain has had to contend with and his unique approach for business turnarounds.

Good networking and great speaker - very inspriational and excellent value for money

Iain gave a clear and concise delivery - key points easy to follow

Iain was very engaging and gave an open opinion on matters - kept my attention

Iain was very positive - with some key points that were useful to hear and to be reminded of from a successful businessman's perspective - it can be a lonely place sometimes running you own business

Nuggets of excellent advice and networking

Back to basics from Iain, fantastic stuff

Iain was a fluent and engaging speaker, clearly with a lot of success and experience

Made some good contacts and found inspiration from a speaker who tells it like it is

Ian was clear and frank with his experiences which give you confidence to move forward. Also the networking post event was useful to go over ideas from the talk and generally catch up with other business owners

I thought that Iain's real world examples of the good and bad were most informative

Events like this provide a rare opportunity to listen to great people

Iain was an excellent speaker, very positive and encouraging, providing some interesting insights

Questioning session was very powerful e.g. answer to the reward question was stunningly simple - accountability was very clear!

The value of the event was re-iterating what we should already be installing into our businesses an our staff.

Real issues dealt with by an expert

Create pressure but ensure that it is 'positive' pressure as this drives change. It's not luck - it's options created by hard work. ASK customers what they want and expect of you. Be CLEAR what is expected from people for their salary don't 'give away' bonuses or equity

My key tips - performance - plan - projects - customer - capabilities - competition. To be really clear in communicating what is expected of remuneration packages. Positive motivation is always better than negative pressure - this can only be used as a one off

So many tips! - create positive pressure not negative - passion needs to be exhibited not just felt - change takes longer than you think - cost cutting only creates short term profit not sustainable one - keep customners at the front of your mind - 3 C's and 3 P's - you only fail when you give up - harder you work the more options you get 'luckier' - poor people are growth determinator - time is the only thing that can prevent things happening - given enough time everything is possible. Love this! - be paranoid about detail

Key tips - Customers - Capability - Competitors (triangle) Performance - Projects - Plan (triangle)

My key tip - his two triangles

Key tips - the harder you work the luckier you get - Customers - capabilities - competitors

My tips from the evening - trace the problem to it's source usually the MD or the management team Time - take it and that means you have a chance to try different strategies

Key tip - use positive pressure - use negative pressure only once

My key tips from the evening -The 2 triangles! - Never give up! - You only fail when you give up! - Prioritise

Tips for me - belief and passion are the best form of persuasion - you can't just cut costs to get sustainable profits - create positive pressure this can have impact but be very careful with negative pressure

Too many tips to write down but focus on the very basic disconnects and all else will fall into place

I got a number of obvious tips, but often forgotten - his two triangles - Customers-Capabilities-Competitors and Performance-Projects-Plan

Anything is possible given enough time. Treat good people well and get rid of bad people

Key tips - to be clear and honest through all communications as well as having a clearer view of the two triangles he described

Iain gave a clear outline of what's required for salary, bonus and equity, and ignore advisers

Key tips for me: 1. Create positive pressure 2. It takes as much time to turn a company around as it did to get them in the **** 3. You cant cut costs when your growing 4. Customers are always everything 5. Given time I can do anything 6. People determine the rate of change in a business 7. Customers, competitors & capabilities (triangle) 8. Performance(current), plan & projects (triangle) 9. Am I giving my customers better service than my competitors 10. Salary, bonus & shares. Be clear about each one ROI

I like the way that Iain broke complex issues and challenges down into simple steps, which allowed him to assess and address them

My key tip was my salary answer!

Whilst trying to make cultural change, negative pressure is used only once, positive pressure can be a longer term tonic.

John is very insightful and steers a very steady ship

John struck a great balance

John was very good as always

John was excellent as always

John gave a good warm introduction and built up credibility of the speaker

John was short and sweet and to the point

John did an excellent job as always

As usual, John nevers fails to deliver and pull out the salient points of the evening

Iain's honesty about mistakes was brilliant. His delivery and humour were spot on. I have not done any business with him (yet) but got the feeling that I could trust him implicitly. He gave away so much of his knowledge to the eager sponges in the room and I for one was extremely grateful for it

I would just like to say thanks to Iain

That is the second time that I have heard him and was just as enthused the second time as the first

Iain was passionate and enthusiastic and REAL

Iain as always absolutely first class

Iain was open, honest and in the real world.

Ian ran through some great experiences through his career and explained the learning’s he took from them with great passion and conviction connecting well with topics that I face day to day

Iain was most informative, more of this type of speaker please

Very good. Real genuine desire to share hints and tips

Iain was an absolutely excellent speaker

Iain was very very good and speaking a lot of sense

Iain was focussed and passionate

Off the back of Gilad's gig at Dakota and then this - keep them coming!! Inspiring stuff guys and well done for making it happen

Excellent, well organised, good format as with previous events that have been held at 29

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