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An Evening With...Jim Mccoll Obe

4 December 2013
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At your request, we asked Jim to return and update us on the amazing things this inspiring entrepreneur has been doing over the past two years.

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Carmelite Hotel, Aberdeen Stirling Street
AB11 6JU

01224 589101

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Judith Thorpe, Thorpe Molloy, www.thorpemolloy.com


  • Jim McColl OBE, Clyde Bowers Capital, www.clydeblowers.co.uk
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Hearing Jim's story provided inspiration

Very interesting listening to Jim and how he moved to where he is now

Geat insight from the speaker into his business philosophy and story

As a new member it was good to meet with other entrepreneurs and understand more about their business and what drives them and draw parallels that help to reinvigorate ones own activities. The speaker provided a focus for learning that is normally outside of day to day business. Very insightful. A welcoming event and well worth while attending.

Jim's presentation was fantastic and the he answered all questions openly and honestly

Great insights from an inspirational speaker. Met some great new pals in Aberdeen

Jim has a great insight into business success. Great value from the questions asked also

First time attending - great networking, very informative and good opportunity to speak to people

Third time seeing Jim and he still adds great value

It was a great opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs and raise the profile of our work with young people. We are keen to support young businesses in Aberdeen so this was an ideal opportunity to find out about the Exchange so we can promote it in the future. The guest speaker was fantastic, very inspiring!

Key tip - Goals are a challenge but achievable

Key tips: 1) Persist! 2) Choose to act as a person of integrity - long term that's always the best way, no matter what short term supposed 'benefit' might accrue from some other behaviour.

Key tips: Macro level - an understanding of the process for M&A and recognising the key stages to achievement for Jim and his business and how fine the line is between huge success and not achieving the goals based on factors outside of ones control. Micro level - key detail on specific ideas and processes that I can incorporate into my business. Jim provided some structure to articulate my own situation in a more cohesive manner. Values - this is the second event I have attended where a major theme I pulled out was values and integrity and how important this is in the business processes and that the hard decision or path is often the right way to execute. This is particularly important in my industry and sector where I often feel as if I am sometimes a lone voice of corporate decency and its good to see that persistence with values can pay off for others

Key tip for me - strategic analysis by reference to market share and potential rather than what the business has done historically

Key tip for me was to focus on the end result you want to achieve and work backwards on how to do that

Key tip for me - painting the vision

Well chaired event - Judith was lighthearted and personable throughout

Judith is brilliant!

Judith did an excellent job and I especially liked the warm welcome upon arrival

Judith is a lovely woman

Judith expertly guided the question time

Judith was excellent - set a really positive, relaxed tone for the evening

Judith provided a warm welcome and made introductions which was warmly received as I was attending on my own

We are very lucky to have Jim

Well worth coming into Aberdeen to listen to Jim speak. Friendly and approachable man - sure he will do well going forward !!

Loved Jim's storytelling style. Very engaging as he was willing to share what certainly seemed like some pretty personal stuff. Also took all questions in his stride and answered fully, even the uncomfortable ones about his political views and Rangers FC. Politicians could learn a whole load from this man!

Great speaker real insight into the wider detail of the processes for M&A that I had not seen before, Jim sort of bridged the gap between detailed understanding through academia (which I don't have) in regard to financing and the books I have read which focus mainly on the outcomes rather than the process of the market successes. Inspired me to consider whether this is a skill I need to acquire to achieve my ambitions

Excellent speaker - high ethical standards exemplified and a clear vision shared generously

Jim was fantastic

Jim was awesome!

Jim was excellent - open, generous with his experiences, no area he wouldn't discuss

Jim was a brilliant speaker! Inspiring and a strong positive influence on the audience. His message was clear, he was funny friendly and knowledgable

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