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New Product Development
Date: 26/05/2004 Location: Apex City Quay Hotel, Dundee
Chairman: Mr  John Anderson
Speakers: Mr  David Brown  Mr  Andrew  Reid          

Do you have a one product/service company?  If so you will benefit from a strong focus but you can be uniquely vulnerable to market shifts.  The question then becomes how to develop new products or services and how to acquire the resources to do this.  In this event David Brown will talk through how the governmentís innovative Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) (www.ktpcentre.com) give subsidised access to specialist knowledge within universities to help you do this.  As someone who has benefited from KTP, Exchange member Andrew Reid will give the entrepreneurís perspective. 

Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs with an over-reliance on one product or service and those already interested in developing new products should attend this event.

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