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Building The Team

Focus Dinner

Having the right people in your business can make all the difference. In fact you cannot do it without them.

Venue information

Glenbervie House Hotel Stirling Road

01324 556280


Alan Revie, Axle Group Holdings


  • Kai Mc Cabe, wish4a.com Ltd, www.wish4a.com

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"The value was an insight into how other people have built successful management teams and how they retained their talent".

"It was good to hear others share experiences and discuss ideas as to how to get the best out of the people around you and to make sure that you have a clear strategy and be determined to ensure that everything you do is aimed towards reaching the final goal"

"The value is just the fact that you are listening to all the different experiences and taking 'nuggets'"

"Another injection of pure business adrenaline.... straight talking, experienced and like minded people with a genuine interest in helping others focus on the important stuff of growing the business"

"Kai was great and I liked her golden handcuff idea"

"This changed my attitude towards recruiting. To re-asses the reward culture in my business. When recruiting try to recruit someone better than me and not another me! Involve management in business planning. Find the right people to take the business forward. Have a clear vision for the direction of the company that everyone buys into".

"Share your vision as early as possible so that others are fully aware of where the business is going and what steps have to be taken to achieve this"

"No appointments/interviews should be carried out by a single individual".

"Do the simple things before you start building the team, get the vision, set it out, recruit the right skills on that basis, get buy in, keep them tied in and happy, measure them and motivate them....and ask for help when you need it!"

"Do not forget to reward even in this climate"

"Alan was an excellent speaker, clear, concise and has a clear vision of the direction of his business. Alan gave some very good tips including his blank sheet approach to creating your dream team".

"Alan kept the conversation flowing and to hear of his own experiences and his thoughts was very valuable"

"Alan was brilliant, kept it flowing, helped coach the issues out into the open when needed to, picked up on the salient points, provided great examples all based on solid experience".

"Alan has an interesting career and he bounced off Kai really well (not literally!)"

"Kai was another excellent speaker. She has obviously gained fantastic insight and knowledge through her time at Search. Kai's approach to building the team and more importantly managing the team provided me with some thought provoking ideas".

"Kai was honest, approachable and helpful with some excellent pointers based on the real and clear successes for her business".

"Well done Kai".

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