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Building The Top Team

Focus Dinner

Getting the right people in your team and ensuring they work well together can be the difference between success and failure.

This Focus Dinner featured two global entrepreneurs who have built significant teams across multiple locations.

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

Howard Hotel 34 Great King Street

0131 557 3500


Khaled Shahbo, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, www.enterprise.co.uk


  • Dr Rabinder Buttar, ClinTec International, www.clintec.com
  • Jim McColl, OBE, Clyde Blowers, www.clydeblowers.co.uk

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"What a chance to get one on one with two of the most respected business people in Scotland and pick their brains for team building knowledge"

"What a great night thank you all so much. Jim McColl is a revelation so interesting and so spiritual and well just WORLD CLASS!"

"The knowledge and expertise of the 2 speakers was excellent, really generous with their time and advice. Some real gems in there"

"Excellent, great speakers, really good venue"

"The value was listening to accomplished owners sharing their experiences in the recruitment and development of management teams in a format that allows your own experiences to be aired and get personal feedback"

"Hearing the long experience of those around the table, especially the lessons learned from things going wrong was of great value"

"Key tip for me was maintaining proximity to staff irrespective of the numbers involved"

"Integrity is the key. Respect your fellow man and remember for all your advisors only YOU really know the answers to your business questions, just trust yourself"

"Key tips I took away with me were - treat people with respect - look at your senior team and really know who they are, be genuinely interested in them and share with them - set out your vision - remain positive at all times -find techniques and tools that work for you to de-stress you - find other ways of motivating your team, its not always about money - learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to be bold"

"Really good advice about how to select your top team and how to motivate them once they are on board. Good direction about how and when to make difficult decisions and timing"

"Khaled was constructive, polite and chaired the dinner well"

"What a great person and what an interesting story Khaled has"

"Khaled kept to the timings and was a very charming host"

"Khaled was excellent, kept the evening flowing and involved everyone"

"Khaled was very welcoming, clearly a highly polished performer!"

"Rabinder was excellent and gave a well prepared presentation"

"Dr. Rabinder had a refreshing and enthusiastic take on building her company and her team, she was extremely honest about her success and her failures and what she has learned from both"

"Rabinder was steel cored, highly professional individual who knows her market and the people she needs very clearly"

"Rabinder was very good, very switched on, it was all good stuff"

"Jim was honest and open about his journey and gave loads of anecdotes and experiences that were really relevant to our business"

"Jim was candid about what he does to build his teams and how he operates them, he also shared with the group some very personal information regarding his ability to stay focused and motivated. Really wonderful stuff"

"Well done yet again. It doesnt seem to matter what the topic is and how relevant it is to me or not (this one was very relevant) I get real nuggets of information from every event. I also have to say that you really have created a nurturing and inclusive place that really does benefit everyone. THANK YOU!"

"This event was a true gem in the calendar, thank you for organising it"

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