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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Managing A Multi-Site Business

Focus Dinner

Our chairman and presenters have experienced that more sites bring multiple challenges for business owners.  In this focus dinner they shared their challenges and knowledge on this subject with members of the Exchange.


Here are some comments/key tips taken from members who attended this event:

"Put in processes and procedures as soon as possible in your organisation, these will translate all the better to other locations, the more they are live in your root organisation"

"Abigail summarised each talk well, highlighting key points"

"Ann was very straightforward and down to earth - very interesting"

"khaled was a fountain of knowledge - very inspirational!  I hope one day he writes a book about his philosophy and experience - I would buy it - many, many gems which I'll put to good use"

"Fantastic to be able to hear first-hand experiences of the speakers, and to be able to discuss matters informally"

"The imporatnce of audit (unannounced!) in the multi-site business, how performance bonus schemes can be structured, the different view points of central vs local managment"

"The 'why' people are key to your organisation in ensuring your model and business culture remains pervasive throughout the organisation"

"Ann was inspiring, with a no nonsense common sense"

"Refreshed my memory, some things I had forgotten"

"Khaled's business mirrors my own in so many ways.  His ideas and overview of Enterprise were very englightening.  I picked up a lot from what he had to say"

"I took away  a lot.  The most important thing I got was to be positive.  For too long I have been worrying about the economy, cutting costs in the business etc.  After last night I am refreshed, feeling more positive about the commercial world and want to get on with it and stop worrying about it all"

"The two speakers and chair were excellent.  Learnt a lot from the topic of discussion and the venue was excellent"

"Value was obtained by being able to listen to the experience of people who have successfully gone from a single site to a multi-site business"

"Abigail was excellent, she ensured that the evening went according to plan"

"Key tips - set clear objectives for your staff in terms of their performance and reward them accordingly"

"Ann was an extremely motivaitonal speaker who communicated her business experience in a lively and interesting manner"

"Khaled was an excellent speaker who told his story with great humour"

"Hearing the experience of two contrasting and successful entrepreneurs was excellent"

"Abigail was very professional"

"That is the best event that I have been to organised by The Exchange"

"Khaled was very impressive"

Venue information

Hotel Du Vin At One Devonshire Gardens One Devonshire
G12 0UX


Abigail Stevens, Think Global Recruitment, www.thinkgr.com


  • Ann Rushforth, MBE, ScotNursing, www.scotnursing.com
  • Khaled Shahbo, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, www.enterprise.co.uk

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