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Preparing For Exit

Focus Dinner

There are many similarities between the acquisition of a business and the exit from it. Not least, the amount of preparation that needs to go into such a move. In this Focus Dinner Members heard from fellow entrepreneurs who have successfully realised value from the hard work invested in growing their businesses.

Please see feedback below from members who attended this event:

Venue information

R34 Greenock Road

0141 533 4069


Mr Nelson Gray, Firth Ventures, www.nelsongray.com


  • Mr Gerry Docherty, Conscia, www.conscia.co.uk
  • Dr Iain Graham, Killochries Fold, www.kilochriesfold.com

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"The value was some really solid 'nuggets' on what to do and when and how to go about it"

"Good to hear what Iain and Gerry did to get the deal over the line"

"Good chairman, good speakers and a valuable conversation afterwards"

"The speakers were honest, frank and knowledgeable. Their experience illuminated the pitfalls to avoid when preparing for exit"

"I got many, many tips"

"Key tip - Don't go looking. Run a really good company and they'll find you"

"Key tip for me - State your needs up front. No earn out and cash, with most of it up front"

"Key tip for me - To continue to run the business as best as possible, keeping everything in order, so that when someone comes along with a suitable offer, you are ready to do the deal"

"Focus on running a fantastic business, let the potential buyer find you. Ensure you have good compliance in place before any potential dilligence"

"Nelson did a great job of Chairing. He made sure everyone was involved"

"It's the first time I have met Nelson and found him to be very helpful. He chaired the meeting really well and brought people into the conversation who had not had the chance to make any comments. I was very impressed with Nelson and also his sense of humour!"

"Nelson was excellent. He chaired the meeting in a calm, warm and friendly manner. His disposition encouraged everytone to participate and his own personal insight was invaluable"

"Nelson is fantastic and he encouraged the group discussion"

"Gerry was really good with great advice and guidance"

"Gerry was good at delivering his story and was very helpful in advising on what to look out for in a potential sale"

"Gerry was honest, open and very helpful"

"Outstanding, it's the first time that I have heard Gerry speak at an event and his talk was very interesting"

"Iain was very good and gave a lot of positive advice on this subject. I asked a couple of questions and found his answers very useful to assist me in my plans"

"Iain was frank, funny and direct"

"Fantastic, Iain passed on numerous valuable tips and his talk was very inspirational"

"A really great event for me"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with good company, good service and a great meal. I got more out of this event than I could have expected so am very pleased that I attended. Thanks!"

"This was another very inspiring exchange event. Thanks!"

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