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The Entrepreneurial Exchange

Running An International Company

Focus Dinner

What are the challenges facing someone running an international company? What can we learn from those who have succeeded on the world stage? This focus dinner discussed these issues in-depth.

Venue information

Howard Hotel 34 Great King Street

0131 557 3500


Chris Gorman OBE, Team Advisors Ltd


  • Sir Bill Gammell, Cairn Energy, www.cairn-energy.plc.uk
  • Jim McColl, OBE, Clyde Blowers, www.clydeblowers.co.uk

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"Both main speakers were very generous with sharing their experiences, giving advice and telling us what has worked for them".

"Mixing with peers and hearing how people who have had major success did it. It was incredibly informative".

"The value for me was listening to two world class businessmen".

"Just great to hear the masters at work".

"As ever with the focus dinners, reasuurance that you are actually on the right track!".

"This focus dinner gave me a confidence shot in the arm to keep growing".

"Key tips for me - the importance of creating and believing in a clear vision, giving and earning respect, having a competitive edge. Go and see your key contact face to face even if it means a same day trip to New York or India. Taking the brave pill. You make your own reality. Always have financial flexibility. Be the best you can be. Conduct an anlysis of each market. Employ bright local nationals and reward them as you would in other countries. Set clear open goals - put a storyboard on the wall. Keep re-inforcing the message. 'Yes we can' - and 'how have you added value today?' Have vision, focus and edge".

"My top tips were - when talking about growing a company it should be in terms of value rather than revenue. Acquire healthy companies with good management and help them grow. Loan notes - what a great idea!"

"My nuggets were - don't set any bar for your business and carry out business with honesty and integrity".

"Positivity is the key. With your staff and with everyone you meet".

"It is all about the right people making the right team. Communication and delivering a clear focus/goal is essential; making people feel valued is best motivator of all".

"Take the brave pill and continue to believe your gut".

"Chris was excellent. Very good at receiving and introducing people to others. During dinner was very good at ensuring that questions came from different people and ensuring everybody contributed. He made this a very intimate event".

"Chris controlled the evening well and had great contributions himself".

"Chris was open, engaging and encouraging".

"Sir Bill is clearly passionate about what he does and it was fantastic for him to be giving of his time and sharing experiences with us all. He took the trouble of printing a slide of 'Taking the brave pill' and giving us all a copy which was really appreciated. He gave a lot of content in his talk".

"Sir Bill gave great insight into how a plc is managed and working with international markets".

"Bill is a great passionate speaker and that is fantastic".

"Jim was inspirational as always. He was able to add to and reinforce Sir Bill's points. A fantastic duo which was almost overwhelming for one Focus Dinner. A real privilege to be in the same room as the two of them - it's the perfect example of what is so great about the Entrepreneurial Exchange".

"Jim was very personable, providing a lot of insight into how to deal with overseas subsidiaries".

"What can I say about Jim other than he is fabulous. Everytime I am in his company it is great".

"Jim was honest, tells it like it is, reinforces the need to stick with your beliefs".

"You couldn't top last night!".

"If I could go to one of these every week I would".

"The focus dinners are undoubtedly one of the best and most valuable formats the exchange does. Hard to place a value on obtaining the experience of the likes of Sir Bill and Jim and holding such open discussions. Keep up the great work!".

"A really good and valuable evening well worth the trip from Aberdeen well done to the exchange".

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