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Managing Performance

Focus Dinner

Managing performance is about managing for future results.  It requires identification of your aims, targets and objectives and maintaining a constant handle on your team to identify issues before they arise.

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

Marcliffe Hotel North Deeside Road
AB15 9YA

01224 861 000


Mr Bob Keiller, Production Services Network, www.psnworld.com


  • Mr Steve Cook, Empire HR, www.empirehr.com
  • Mr John Hawkins, Potentiality

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"A fantastic event which highlighted some key areas in managing performance"

"There was a very good debate on a wide variety of related issues. I picked up some good ideas that I can take back to my own business"

"Last night's event was one of the most interactive I've attended, I felt that you got everyone's opinions and views and there were some great ideas from the broad section of people attending"

"Being the first EE event I have attended I was not totally sure what to expect. I felt it was an excellent forum for discussion on the selected topic and found the experience very motivating. It was chaired very well which enabled everyone to have an opportunity to share their views"

"Good feedback and a very open discussion about specific issues surrounding appraisals and the style adopted"

"I listened to lots of ideas about how best to manage performance"

"Key tip for me - Lots of little nuggets!"

"Key tips for me - it is all about culture - hire for will and train for skill - we need to revisit our values - relationship building is one of the keys to successful performance management"

"Key tips taken - manage performance continuously, not just once a year. Let your workers know about your core values, guiding principles and communicate them effectively, don't go off the message. The use of compromise agreemments can be an efficient method of removing poor attitudinal performers. Make people feel appreciated when they do something good for the company. Ensure you reward your key 'A' players, even though they don't ask for it. Don't assume your staff know about customer touchpoints. Coach and mentor"

"Key tips for me - performance under probationary periods needs to be judged very carefully to assess whether the person is going to be of value to your business. If not, much easier to get rid of them now than later. Key principles are something taken very seriously in maintaining and developing culture within a firm of any size. Easy to dismiss but very hard to ingrain"

"Key tip for me was aligning staff to one single vision and relating that back to their job"

"Now more than ever manage your top people well"

"Bob is one of the best people that I have seen run an event. He kept everyone involved in the discussion and encouraged everyone to contribute. Fantastic!"

"The chairmanship was well balanced and brought the most out of the evening's attendees. Everyone was encouraged to contribute, we were kept on topic and no-one was allowed to monopolise the conversation. Great job Bob!"

"Bob is one of the best Chairman that I have seen at these events. He made sure that everyone was able to contribute to the evening while controlling those who were more vociferous in their opinions. He stimulated conversation across the room"

"Bob had an open style and ensured everyone was brought in. He was relaxed and engaging and willing to share his own experiences and importantly very grounded and approachable as a chairperson should be. Made me feel welcome"

"Bob was excellent. I felt very welcome at the event"

"Bob was open and ensured everyone got their say. Bob was as dynamic as ever"

"Steve was great and passed on some of his very qualified knowledge"

"Steve had a good grasp of his topic. He was very honest about HR issues and the commercial realities connected to them""

"Steve was very informative and I particularly enjoyed the individual examples quoted"

"Steve was very assured and confident about the subject matter in hand. His experience shone through"

"John like Steve, was great"

"John was highly prepared for the dinner and his experience was invaluable to everyone around the table"

"Another fantastic event which was, as always, well worth the trip. Thanks for a great night"

"An excellent night with many thought provoking ideas from around the table"

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