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Focus Dinner

Sales are the lifeblood of a business, whose importance cannot be overstated.  This event looked at how to maximise your sales.

Please see feedback below from Members who attended this event:

Venue information

21212 3 Royal Terrace

0845 2221212


Mr Brian Williamson, Tiger-eye, www.tiger-eye.com


  • Mr Alan L Revie, National Tyres & Autocare, www.national-tyres.co.uk
  • Mr Chris Tiso, Tiso Group, www.tiso.com

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"The value was open discussion in a relaxed atmosphere, people were encouraged to tackle individuals problems and challenges"

"The value was hearing good and bad experiences of the sales process and people. Being reminded of some of the core things to do"

"Good spread of views from various industries and sizes of business"

"It was great to meet others and learn about the challenges they face in their businesses. It was also of great value to be able to tap into the experiences of highly experienced and successful businessmen such as Alan and Chris"

"Good speakers, excellent Chair who made sure everyone got involved in discussions"

"Great advice on sales"

"Key tip - fully explore existing expansion through your existing customers first"

"My key tip was the mystery shopper idea"

"Key tips - link up with companies that have synergy with mine - increase my prices for the small clients that I want to put off! - continue to be unique - identify my positioning in marketplace - learn more about the market I am aiming at"

"Remember to upsell into existing customer base first. Get the offering right before doing a big sales push. Define the target market"

"Key tips - plan your growth - ensure people can cope and that they are clear on what you are trying to achieve. Focus on potential missing sales and similarly, increase products to core customers"

"Both speakers really confirmed the need to focus on existing customers and harvest more from your existing database by range selling"

"Brian was very well structured. Ensured maximum participation"

"Brian stepped into the breach, made sure everyone was heard and got a chance to speak irrespective of how shy or uncertain that talker was"

"Brian was very friendly and engaging"

"Brian was the best. Kept order; set a framework; ensured everyone was included in the discussion"

"Brian was a delightful chairperson. He put everyone at ease and ensured that all present were given the opportunity to speak"

"Brian was succinct and entertaining"

"Alan was well prepared, professional and constructive at all levels of business"

"I just really warmed to Alan, he talked lots of sense!"

"Alan gave an excellent mix of B2C and B2B experience with some strong points made. I appreciated his printed list of questions to ask ourselves in a sales context"

"Alan was very enthusiastic and positive. He provided a framework approach which was helpful"

"Alan was very interesting, especially on the pricing advice"

"Chris had incredibly well rounded views on all aspects of business"

"Chris's experience is B2C, and my interest is B2B. Made some excellent comments on service and differentiating yourself from your competitors"

"Chris was very open about the challenges facing his brand and how they have tackled them"

"A most enjoyable and instructive event"

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