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Maximising Sales

29 May 2012
£114.00 (VAT inclusive)
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Maximised sales - what every business is after.  This event examined some of the secrets of sales success.

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21212 3 Royal Terrace

0845 2221212

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Murray Strachan, Strachan & Partners, www.murraystrachan.co.uk


  • Alan Bonner, Pinnacle Telecom Group, www.pinnacletelecomgroup.co.uk
  • Alan Revie, National Tyre & Autocare, www.national-tyres.co.uk
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The value of the event were comments which encouraged me to focus on specific areas/issues of the business which don't get enough attention

The entire event from start to finish was inspiring. Best event to date

Great discussion and ideas

I learned that it can pay off to be selective in terms of what type of customers to work with. This will be helpful at looking at our own sales strategy

The value of these events is learning about different ways/strategies for maximising sales. Understanding learnings, good and bad, from others

Combination of high-quality and extremely contrasting talks from the two speakers, and great audience interaction. There was an excellent range of members present, and the whole thing just jelled

Excellent networking and the opportunity of meeting two highly successful entrepreneurs in a relaxed and informal setting.

Key tips for me be clear about the Service offer. Ensure everyone knows it and lives it the way the business wants it to be lived. Activity drives everything

Key tips for me - sales ladder from Alan Revie - up selling from Alan Bonar

First work out where you are in the cycle and then pick the appropriate sales techniques and strategies tested by others that should work for you. Keep trying to think outside of your context

Key tip for me was to look at economy of scales and see how we can increase sales without increasing our central costs

Key tips for me - link sales team incentive scheme to business strategy. Offer different tiers of product/service/ brand to customers to manage margin according to their value contribution

I took away a strong message that 'Less can be More', via Alan Bonner's presentation about how he is trying to reduce Pinnacle's customer base so he can concentrate on higher-value enterprise projects rather than smaller SME projects. Alan Revie also provided a very useful sales checklist, which I'll 'borrow' to use as a sighting shot in a first meeting with a potential client. Very good stuff gents!

Focus on the process - sales is a science more than an art

Murray was fantastic. He involved everyone in the conversation, brought the conversation back very well in a relaxed but professional manner and made the evening run very smoothly and made everyone feel very welcome

Murray was very pleasant, good at making sure we stayed within the topic of maximising sales

Murray encouraged contribution from all, he stuck to the agenda/timings and redirected debate content if it was going off-track

Mrray created and fostered a relaxed and informal atmosphere, made a 'new boy' feel very welcome. Thank you Murray!

Alan Bonner was fantastic, he was very honest and gave a good insight as to how he has worked successfully for many years, loved his way of thinking

Alan Bonner as always appears level headed and in the zone

Alan Bonner was hugely open about career/learnings/ current business strategy - much appreciated

Alan Bonner is one of our most thoughtful entrepreneurs, with a distinctive approach to management as well as to the sales process. He is a salesman by profession, and it shows in the way he scientifically approaches the issue of winning the customers he wants

Alan Bonner was clear, measured and open in sharing all his knowledge, the highs as well as the lows

Alan Revie was fantastic, also really appreciated his time and expertise and he is also happy for me to come along and look at how his sales teams operate. Can't ask for more than that :)

Alan Revie had prepared well and came from quite a different perspective to Alan Bonner. They were a good match

I liked the energy and delivery of Alan Revie

Alan Revie was energetic, positive with much experience and learnings to offer; equally open about good and bad experiences

In his usual thorough way, Alan Revie had prepared a crib sheet for us and took us through it - in the process revealing his systematic approach to maximising sales across the different brands and classes of service that he offers. Alan is delightfully unpretentious and spelt out very clearly how he monitors and manages the sales process. He was also frank about the challenges they face in the advance of online tyre retailing, and how they are now responding. Top guy!

Alan Revie was very enthusiastic and motivational, as well as very knowledgeable in sales. Brilliant

The best focus dinner I have attended to date. Would do it all again tonight :)

This was a fantastic introduction to Entrepreneurial Exchange events for me, and as a direct result of my experience at this event I intent to attend many more. Thank you very much

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