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Moving Into New Markets

7 February 2012
£114.00 (VAT inclusive)
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Central to the successful expansion of your company is the ability to identify potential acquisitions within expanding markets.  This dinner discussed how to fast track from the best!

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Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen North Deeside Road
AB15 9YA

01224 861 000

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Gary McEwan, Enterprise North East Trust, www.enetrust.com


  • Bob Drummond, Hydrasun, www.hydrasun.com
  • Roy McGregor, Global Energy Group, www.gegroup.com
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It was good to hear real stories about how other people have managed moving into new markets and how many have made mistakes. Very honest conversations being held

Excellent experience around the table

My key tip - twice as risky and twice as hard - we are already operating internationaly and I agree very much with this statement. Also the thought that build it and they will come has never worked for us or many others in the room

My key tips - need for Risk assessment, appraisal & management, Focus Focus Focus, execution Key It's twice as risky, takes twice as long and costs twice as much! Culture & core values are key, most of the weaknesses in business are related to internal interfaces leadership development rather than Management Development, 'No plan survives the first scrap with the enemy'. Fail fast, fail cheaply!

Gary was very good and likeable

Gary handled a rowdy bunch very well in a firm manner, whilst encouraging those overawed by the gazillionaires in the room

Bob produced a handout, very good, open and honest, worked great for me.

Bob was very focussed, very intense

Roy was a great speaker, very modest and honest

Good to see Roy put his head above the parapet - fantastic experience that he shared willingly with the team

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