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Focus On Growth

3 September 2015
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Growing your company brings many challenges - finance, personnel and core values to name but a few - and these can test your management skills to the limit.  This Focus Dinner provided practical advice on how two entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses and face these ongoing trials.

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Blythswood Square, Glasgow 11 Blythswood Square
G2 4AD

0141 240 1605

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James Pirrie, Nevis Capital, www.neviscapital.co.uk


  • Craig Clark, Clyde Space, www.clyde-space.com
  • Chris Gauld, Spark Energy, www.sparkenergy.co.uk
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Excellent forum of the open sharing of ideas.

Good to hear both speakers on how others handled growth and general business information

I found it inspiring being at a junction with my business and keen to grow that really a bit more self belief was a large part of what was required.

Learning from the speakers about their businesses knowing your facing some of the same issues and challenges!

Excellent open and honest discussion about growth and its challenges.

Very inspirational speakers

Getting input to some of my specific issues from people who have been there...

I got other's very frank input on how to grow, how to manage growth, and how my own role will change as the company grows.

Key tips - Pay over the odds to hire the best staff or acquire the best businesses.

Everyone has similar problems and sharing is good

- Get the right people around you and INVEST in them

Some great quotes Some good contacts A sense of perspective (and in some ways validation we are doing the right things)

Key tips: Build momentum constantly. Ask for help. Hire the right people for the stage you are at.

Key tip - nuts and bolts. Doing the simple things very well and building from there... "Sweat the details.'

Momentum is key to growth, and as a leader keeping up momentum is part of your role. Fear of failure is okay, and for some people is normal. It can be handled through checks and balances, which mean that risks are understood before decisions are taken. Company values are key in engaging current and future employees and also in engaging clients, and therefore are also key to growth. Doing the "boring stuff" well and delivering excellent products/services is important. This, and the values discussed above, all form part of your "brand" and it is this brand that your customer or client engages with. Ensuring that you live and practice your values through your products/services is what builds a brand. Getting this right is critical to growth. Think strategically about acquisition - what does it give you other then extra t/o, staff, clients etc?

The chairperson was well organised

James the chairperson was measured and professional, very good at being inclusive of all guests.

James really included everyone in the discussion. Excellent chairman.

James was very relaxed, let the conversation flow and included everybody around the table which was positive.

James was engaged and kept the conversation moving an on topic

Craig was an inspiring speaker, just shows what true grit, a vision and a lot of perseverance can acheive

Craig was good, explained the story well - enjoyed listening - Sits a space company - whats not to like

Craig has a wonderful story with so many quirks, so open and engaging.

Craig was a great speaker with a great story - I enjoyed the way that he described bridging the gap between the technical and people parts of the business.

Chris was a very good speaker and a contrast to Craig the other speaker who was also very good

Really good, liked Chris - felt i could learn quite a bit from this man - will definately follow up on a coffee with him at some point

What a success story, told with honesty and humility. Inspiring stuff from Chris

Chris was really inspirational...

Cant wait to attend another !!

Good event and a good format.

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