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Speakers Biographies
Speakers:  Mr Brian Williamson         

Brian Williamson, Chief Executive, The Bethany Group (www.bethanygroup.net).  Brian is an entrepreneur who has 20 years experience in running companies at board level within several different industry sectors. In 1995 he volunteered to be a mentor for people starting high growth business having started a number of award winning high growth companies of his own. Within 2 years he had invested in the company who ran the programme and 2 years later successfully completed a management buy out of the 13M turnover service company. Today he has majority control of Bethany Holdings Ltd. he has spent the last two years restructuring the group and drastically reducing the cost base.

The evening will be chaired by Jimmy Gilchrist who iis the Managing Director of GP Group, comprising of GP Plantscape specialising in commercial horticultural services, GP Green Recycling which is a new edition to the group specialising in the production of organic compost and GP Artscape which provides innovative corporate artwork. GP Group provides a national service and employs approximately 60 people from their Head Office in Kirkfieldbank, Lanark with a further 40 site specific personnel. Jimmy is the 4th generation to be involved in the family business and spent time training in Denmark and the USA before returning to the UK and spending three years with a multi national service company, thereafter entering the family business. Jimmy is currently a committee member of the British Institute of Facility Managers and an aftercare advisor for PSYBT and lives in Kirkfieldbank with his wife Alison, daughter Erin and son Donald.

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