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Venture Capital: The road to riches or ruin?
Date:  18/03/2003 Location: Hilton Strathclyde, Bellshill
Chairman: Mr  Nelson Gray
Speaker: Mr  Robin Marshall  Mr  Bill  McCall          

Venture Capital:  The road to riches or ruin?
Tuesday, 18 March 2003, 5.45pm, Hilton Strathclyde, Belllshill

Choosing to raise venture capital funding is a big decision in any growing company’s life.  This masterclass discussed the characteristics that determine whether raising venture capital would be a good, or a bad, thing to do.

Questions under debate included:

· What will a venture capitalist be looking for from your company;
· What should you look for in a venture capitalist;
· What makes working with a venture capitalist successful;
· What should entrepreneurs be wary of!

Leading this discussion were two experienced professionals in the world of venture capital:

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