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Date:  11/02/2004 Location: Edinburgh Airport Hilton Hotel
Chairman: Mr  Jeff Corray
Speaker: Mr  Gary Deans  Mr  Ian  Morrison          

Here are some comments from delegates who attended this event:

Key tips taken away from members -

"That full Due Diligence, planning and research are vital, looking at all aspects not just financial.  Also, the process should be the same regardless of deal size"

"Make sure the business you are buying will fit into your culture"

"Ensure key staff will stay on after puchase"

"Do not buy a business just because it is in your sector"

"Spend time carrying out due diligence, do not be rushed by outside influences"

"Look at the deal from the other side, what are they getting out of it, can you use this to your advantage"

"Take good professional advice, but always try and fix fees before work starts"

"Keep synergies for the buyer"

"You need good tax advice/communication"

"Don't be afraid to say no to a deal"

"Don't be afraid to haggle regarding the fee"

"Gary Deans was very amusing and upbeat talking about tax!  Good straight "forward advice

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