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Date:  06/04/2004 Location: Hilton Edinburgh Airport Hotel, Edinburgh
Chairman: Mr  Bill Fleming
Speaker: Ms  Ann Rushforth  Mr  Brian  Williamson          

Here are some comments from delegates who attended this event:

Key tips:

"cash is king!  Speed of growth to be managed.  Using good judgement and not risking more than you can afford"

"Get the cash in! You must have systems in place to monitor cash flow"

"Reward the right staff"

"Anticipate market changes"

"Be careful about how broad you market your company, but be willing to broaden service, offer to meet current problem rather than suggesting a problem that isn't there!"

"Understanding customers needs"

"Making mistakes is not a bad option"

"Dont't gamble more than you can afford to lose!"

Other comments:

"I made about 8 pages of notes"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, looking forward to attending more"

"Good to hear from people who had done it"

"As usual I thought it was a very good evening - time well spent"

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