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Date:  24/06/2004 Location: Kama Sutra Restaurant, Glasgow
Chairman: Ms  Kai McCabe
Speaker: Mr  Alan Georgeson  Mr  Andrew  Thomson          

Here are some comments/tips from delegates who attended the event:

"There were a number of discussions that were really relevant to the stage my group is in at the moment, things like share option, bonus schems and selection procedures"

"Moved my thinking forward on how I need to extend my own team.  Also some interesting ideas around bonus schemes"

"Reinforced concept of recruit to complete the team rather than clone yourself. Staff rewards should be quarterly to be effective"

"When recruiting a senior post fromoutside the company, look at the team dynamics internally to make sure the person fits not only the job role but the team"

"It was good to get others views on Employee Share Schemes and Peformance bonuses"

"You have to be firm and decisive in dealing with potential staffing issues and not necessarily be swayed by the aspirations of individuals"

"It is a lot more difficult to set up management teams in other locations, therefore it is advisable to send some of your existing staff to help, at least in the set up stage"

"You have to create the correct culture within the company, so that everyone sees themselves as part of the team"

"It was interesting to note the different methods people use to create their top team"

"Use a core member of the existing team to manage remote sites"

"Management of smaller teams is important, ie as the company grows you build in a layer and manage that layer so that you always manage 10-15 people"

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