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Date:  18/09/2002 Location: Kama Sutra Restaurant, Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  John Anderson
Speaker: Mr  Iain MacRitchie  Mr  John  Morgan          

Some comments from members who attended the event:

"As always to learn by others experiences whether negative or positive is of immense value"

"This event helped me to recharge my batteries by speaking to people who have faced similar experiences and it is good to offload issues with professional sounding boards"

"It is always good to hear the experiences of all the attendess.  The choice of speakers was very appropriate to the topic.  I learned 4 - 5 particular tips from the experience of others and some specific management tools e.g. share options schemes which followed on from the discussion"

"Great debate and interaction with other entrepreneurs"

"Good to find out other peoples views about what has worked and what has not and sharing information that people typically would not divulge"

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