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Date:  02/10/2002 Location: Kama Sutra Restaurant, Glasgow
Chairman: Mr  John Anderson
Speaker: Mr  Les Meikle  Mr  Kai  McCabe          

Some comments from members who attended this event:

"Useful to hear other people who have experienced the same issues as me and how they have tackled them, both good and bad"

"Reconfirmed our fears of our shortcomings but not from a consultant whose main interest is the fee but from people who have gone through similar things for real and not just theory.  Made contact with a few people who could assist us in addressing these issues"

"Good cross section of views and interesting angles on the topic"

"Great to hear the experiences of others in a relaxed atmosphere.  Met some worthwhile new contacts and a few older ones"

"When I started 8 years ago my personal drive to succeed in business was immeasurable - like most.  However, the last 3 years of difficult business conditions has negatively affected me.  Getting amongst a forum of people who project drive with immesurable enthusiasm was just what I needed to get back on board the roller coaster"

"It was interesting to hear how successful people have built their team and to have a frank exchange of views with like-minded people"

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