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Date:  19/02/2003 Location: Hurricane Restaurant, Edinburgh
Chairman: Mr  Alastair Balfour
Speaker: Mr  Alan Malcolm                

Here are some of the comments of delegates who attended the event:

"It has changed the way that I will start and manage our companies relationship with service providers in the future"

"Sound, professional advice and tips"

"It dusted off cobwebs on my brain in regard to professionals"

"It taught me to set out objectives, agree deliverables - be tough!"

"It made me think about actively pursuing a "better" relationship with my advisers through an open dialogue, to try to understand the reasons why advisers often react/respond in the way they do to client situations".

"I found it a thoroughly informative and enjoyable evening"

"It really was an excellent forum"

"Alastair had a real role in facilitating/focussing the discussions, not just on filling the gaps"

"Alan gave some very goood, short, idioms/phrases which summarised his talk, which worked, which he reinforced, and which he used as foundations for his talk". 

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