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Date:  06/02/2003 Location: Edinburgh Hilton Airport Hotel
Chairman: Mr  David Moulsdale
Speaker: Mr  Ken Todd  Mr  Paul  Mugnaioni          

Here are some comments/tips from members who attended the event:

"The key tip I took away with me was to remain focused and have self belief"

"I gained a number of points regarding equity, borrowing and re-focusing brands"

"The speakers and chairman were first class"

"This event enforced my view of training and development"

"A successful future does not necessarily mean having to have more and more employees, don't be afraid to re-invent your business"

"David Moulsdale did more than just introduce people.  I was impressed with his summary of the evening and he related it back to his own business in a number of ways"

"Ken Todd was well prepared and I liked the way he and Paul Mugnaioni did a double act"

"The formal part had excellent content and afterwards I met some very interesting new people who were not afraid to share advice and clearly go to give and take something out"

"This event made me think - planning, planning, planning, focus on your aims"

 "Let the business work for you, not the other way around!"

"Focus don't go off at tangents"

"Encouraged me to continue my quest for work/life balance"

"Consistency and focus are the key things which you need to apply.  Listen to what your gut feel is and measure this agians the comments made by your advisors"

"Paul Mugnaioni was very switched on and dynamic"

"I took pages and pages of notes!  However, the main ones are being focused, planning well, having the right team around you and having a clear vision"

"David Moulsdale was extremely interesting because of his experience and profile"

"This was my first event and I found it VERY refreshing at the honesty of the speakers"

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